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Joseph asks…

Where can i get i Free Poker Bankroll without deposit?

hey guys i find everywhere on the web where can i get a free poker bankroll without deposit..
so hard helpp me please 🙂

i tryed this one it work… but i need a second bankroll

admin answers:

Hey john try this one they are really serious i get mine two days ago and my bankroll is now around 430$ and i started with their free bankroll , no deposit youhouuuu 🙂

Jenny asks…

what is a good free online poker site thats actually free?

ive been lookin for awhile and i havent found any free poker sights i want one like pokerstars where u have an acount but i dont wanna pay a cent help me

admin answers:

I think you should try the free poker sites like:-

FullTilt Poker
Party Poker
carbon Poker
Bodog Poker

All these sites with their .NET domains are the free poker sites. Check them out.

Laura asks…

What is a good free poker app I can play against a computer?

My step dad has a really good one but I think they discontinued it, so I want to find one I can get. Thanks for reading and answering 🙂

admin answers:

Poker Games

Helen asks…

Where can i play free multiplayer poker?

I want to play poker online with other ppl, but with NO MONEY. can you give me a site?

admin answers:

Sure you can play for Free without depositing any money. Just go to and follow the poker link. You can’t miss it. You can sign-up for free and play for free forever. Should you choose to play for real money one day… No problem. You can deposit money and play with the account you already have.

Robert asks…

What can I do with my new free time I have?

I’ve been playing online poker for years now and I just want to stop and do something else. What can I do with my time? What is a beneficial thing to do that is good for my health and low cost? I’m open to any suggestion.

admin answers:

YOu can take up knitting or online porn.

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