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Susan asks…

where can i play bid whist online for free?

All the sites i’ve seen either want to charge or have some complicated down loads. I would like to just enter a room and play, like some spades and poker sites I’ve seen.

admin answers:

Unfortunately I don’t know of any site like that for whist.

Sandra asks…

What is the best website to find new free poker money / no deposit bonuses on?

What is the best site for this, I find a few but many of them feel outdated. Which one is the best and regularly updated?

admin answers:

This is the most comprehensive / best updated list I have found so far

Hope you enjoy 🙂 I’ve done a lot of no deposit bonuses, lost a few though but with a few I’ve won about $1000 too. Remember to take it easy in the beginning and don’t play too high! As your bankroll grows you can move up.

James asks…

Why a freerolls tournament asks me to activate my Real Money Account?

Free Roll poker tournament. Why do i need to make a deposit if i want to play for free?

admin answers:

It would help if you specified which poker site you are playing on.

William asks…

Where can I find information on the World Series of Poker?

Who won last year and what should I expect for 1st prize at the main event this year?

Can I still enter by an online poker site?

admin answers:

For official info go to

Jamie Gold won last year. He raked in $12 million for 1st prize at the 2006 World Series of Poker.

This year they are estimating over $10 million for 1st in main event. YES you can still enter via an online poker site.

There is schedule of this years WSOP at the site above. They even have free entries into the WSOP this year. I posted the link below.

Ruth asks…

How do you win money playing poker?

I want to play Free Online Poker and win money.

admin answers:

There’s this site, , where they never ask you to pay, and you can win money.

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