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Lizzie asks…

Places to play Texas Hold Em Poker in Brisbane?

Does anyone know of a pub or leagues club or something on the east side of Brisbane around belmont, tingalpa, wynnum, manly, capalaba etc. that have some just for fun texas hold em poker tournaments? I want it to be free to play. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

I’m surprised you haven’t seen ads at the pubs for australian poker league, they hold weekly tournaments at heaps of pubs. There’s big vans that go to different pubs on different nights. Bracken ridge used to be thursday 7pm.


Mary asks…

How do slot machine tournaments work?

I am going to a casino next weekend and I am playing in a slot machine tournament. I hardly ever go to casino’s but when you get an offer for a free room and an offer to play in a tournament with a chance to win 2500 why not! My questions are as follows….

I have a players card and in order to be able to enter the tournament I have to earn 25 points in one day. How much $ does it take to earn 25 points?

How do you play/win in a slot machine tournament?

Any info you can provide would be appreciated!

admin answers:

At most casinos, you get one point for every dollar wagered on a slot machine (or video poker). I have seen casinos that require you to wager up to $2.50 to get a point though, so it can vary.

That does not mean you must SPEND $25, just wager $25. Unless you have to worst luck on the planet, it shouldn’t take more than $15 or so, and of course you could win some money. But really, if you plan on playing slots or video poker at all, 25 points is no big deal. You’ll earn that without trying.

Slot tournaments are really simple. You basically just show up before it starts, and they sit you down at one of a group of designated tournament machines. They say „go!“ and you just mash the button until time is up. Whomever has the most credits on their machine at the end wins.

Good luck and have fun.

Mandy asks…

What is a good site to play blackjack or poker online for free?

Needs to be 100% free, with some sort of prize like cash or anything else.
~10 pts. to the best answer~
thanks in advance
..Also i would prefer no downloads

admin answers:

If you’re looking for a free poker offering real prize, AllinSpot Poker will be the best choice for you. AllinSpot provides both ring and tournament games, and all games are free. However, you can earn decent amount of money while playing poker there.

The reason that you can earn real money at AllinSpot is that it has a very unique currency system. AllinSpot poker has an in-house currency, SP$, and the tournaments have a prize in SP$. SP$ can be converted to game dollar(G$) that can be used to play in a ring game. The G$ can also be converted to SP$, and all the SP$ are exchangeable for US$ on the Cashier.

You can win real cash in both tournaments and ring games while playing poker for free if you are good enough at the games. Good luck!

Ruth asks…

Can I still play a real money tournament online if I won the seat to that tournament?

Online gambling with real money is illegal in Washington, but what If I won a free tournament, and the prize is an entry into a real money tournament? Even though I didn’t spend any of my own money, is it still illegal to even be in that tournament if I’m trying to win real money?

admin answers:

I’m sure glad I moved from that over taxed non online poker playing piece of chit state. My friends up there can’t even get a connection..If you got something going.. Get it!!

Maria asks…

what does it mean when im playing online poker and its enter a free roll?

i always see a enter a million dollar free roll when i play texas holdem. what exactly does that mean

admin answers:

A free roll is a tournament in which you can enter without paying a fee. There may be other restrictions such as being open to new players only or having accumulated x number of points on the site. If you play poker on-line I suggest you take advantage of every free roll you available to you.

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