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Thomas asks…

can the Notre Dame Fighting Irish play in the Rose Bowl?

I think they can but my friends say its only pac 10 and bcs.

admin answers:

There are 2 scenarios that would allow Notre Dame to play in the Rose Bowl.

1. They play UCLA (its their home field) during the regular season.

2. They are ranked #1 or #2 in the BCS when the regular season ends (and conference championship games are over).

They cannot play in the Rose Bowl GAME unless they are ranked in the top 9 in the final BCS rankings before the bowl games – AND – the Big Ten – OR – the PAC-10 sends a team to the national title game.
If that happens the Rose Bowl committee gets first choice as to who they want to replace the conference team that they lost to the NCG.
It is unlikely that the RB committee would pick ND over another BT/P10 team – OR – the third ranked BCS team, unless that was ND etc……

Orangeblood…….You do a good job of contradicting your self in your answer.
First, the Rose Bowl is hosting THIS years NCG, it’s not called the Rose Bowl GAME, but it is AT the Rose Bowl (the stadium is CALLED The Rose Bowl).

Second, the NCG is rotated between the 4 BCS bowl game SITES, ex. The Fiesta Bowl doesn’t host the NCG, but the game will be at the same site as the Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl…..

The ONLY Stadium that hosts a bowl game that is named for the Bowl game is the Rose Bowl, not even the Orange Bowl hosts the Orange Bowl Game anymore.

Bowl games are called BOWL games because of the Rose Bowl.
Tournament Park in Pasedena,CA. Was the site of the first Bowl game ever. (Michigan 49 – Stanford – 0)

„Originally titled the „Tournament East-West football game,“ the first Rose Bowl was first played on January 1, 1902, starting the tradition of New Year’s Day bowl games. The inaugural game featured Fielding Yost’s dominating 1901 Michigan team, representing the East, which crushed a previously 3-1-2 team from Stanford University, representing the West, by a score of 49–0 after Stanford quit in the third quarter. Michigan finished the season 11–0 and was considered the national champion. Yost had been Stanford’s coach the previous year. The game was so lopsided that for the next 15 years, the Tournament of Roses officials ran chariot races, ostrich races, and other various events instead of football. But, on New Year’s Day 1916 football returned to stay as The State College of Washington defeated Brown University in the first annual Rose Bowl.“

Steven asks…

Rock And Roll Tournament of Champions?

My radio station has put me in charge of creating a 32-band/artist tournament. Since I need help getting seedings and bands/artists into the tournament i figured answers was the best way to do so. So, if you would just put your top 5 ROCK AND ROLL bands and artists (like below) it would be greatly appreciated. Thx so much you guys.

1) Billy Joel
2) Pink Floyd
3) The Who
4) AC/DC
5) Creed

PS: Those are mine!!!

admin answers:

1)Guns N Roses
2)Led Zeppelin
3)Ozzy Osbourne
4)Black Label Society

Helen asks…

How much should the NCAA Tournament affect a player’s draft stock?

It’s been a couple weeks after the NBA draft, and I’m wondering who got the best player- Miami or Chicago? If Derrick Rose didn’t dominate the tourney, he probably would be selected 2nd. Looking back, Tyrus Thomas is another player that did well in the tourney and was drafted high because of this, yet is not the productive player everyone expected him to become. Are performances in the tournament overrated when it comes to scouting players? (It’d be good if some examples of other players could be given)
I understand that draft stock will raise if a player performs well in the tourney- but what I was trying to ask (maybe I wasn’t clear, sorry) is if tourney play SHOULD factor in more than things like physical tools. Another example I remembered is Mateen Cleaves. Great tourney play, and was drafted above Turkoglu, Mason, and Redd. And proceeded to become a very unproductive player.

admin answers:

Rose’s stock rose (no pun intended) because of the success of dominant point guards in the NBA last season. As great as he performed in the Big Dance, I’ve got to think Chris Paul and Deron Williams helped him out even more. Plus both he and Beasley were going to go 1-2 long before March. Rose and Beasley were both thought of much more highly then Thomas was coming out of college. While I think playing great in the clutch over 4-6 games against stiff college competition helps, it comes down more to whether your game translates well to the NBA.

Personally I think what you do in college, over all the games, should count more. It’s amazing how often a guy like a Carmelo Anthony gets passed on even though everyone knows he can contribute, for some spindly 7- footer who averages 2 points per game in the Southwestern Lithuanian League because he has „potential“.

Carol asks…

going to the rose parade???

im going to the rose parade tomorrow and am going to this one special section that my friend got tickets to and the tickets are 200 dollars and i was wondering if any one knows about place i think it is under this big white tent with a ton of ppl! thanks!

admin answers:

Well, you’re probably in the tournament grandstands. It’s all along Orange Grove Blvd. And some on the corner of it and Colorado Blvd (depending on what your row and seat number is). Just ask and official when you get there. Have fun and Happy New Year!

Joseph asks…

who was the first person to be broadcast in color on what channal?

admin answers:

Jan. 1, 1954, Tournament of Roses Parade on NBC not sure who was shown

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