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George asks…

PSU QUICK HELP!!!!! Please Reply fast!!?

Is this a server power supply or a regular power supply, I can’t tell. I’m not buying just want to know.


admin answers:

It appears to be a standard desktop power supply.

John asks…

Does dell still use proprietary power supplies?

I have a inspiron 545 from 2009 the power supply it came with is a bestec 350w. Does dell still use proprietary power supplies. I need to know because my bestec 350w psu died and I need to replace it. Can I use a normal ATX PSU

admin answers:

Ask Novatech to be sure. They have a pre sales dept.

James asks…

mt emachines no longer works heres what happened ?


was playin poker listening to winamp and the machine cut out. turned it back on played more poker then did a avirus scn then it froze. so i turned it off and left. a wizzing noise was coming from the power supply. so the next day i replaced it only to find out it wouldnt turn on at all. i tested the ram and it worked. so is my mobo fried? or cpu? will the cpu have burn marks on it? nowhere on the mobo is there a burn mark. i cleaned ou the dust but still wont work. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIAATED
pwer supplu was tested by a device the guy i bought it from. he tested the ram. i asked if the guy could test my 478 socket p4 he wanted 40$ to bench test it. the power supply is an atx made by achieve . says compatible with p4 amd athlon. compiles with atx ver 2.03 whatever that means. so should there e burn mark on either the cpu or mobo?
just took off the cpu no burn marks on it at all. hard as hell to line back up and put in though

admin answers:

At the shop I work at we fix about one or two of these a week. The motherboard is bad 95% of the time. The Bestec Power supplys commonly spike and kill the motherboard. Usually everything else is fine.

Ken asks…

Computer parts for model a6200n HP ???

I need a decent graphics card that is better than the one I got now because I want to get Left 4 Dead and I am afraid it will lag…..My best friend always plays WoW so he doesn’t „have time“ to help me with this……….

Something under $100 or range between 0 to $120 max. Something from a store, nothing from the net because I don’t trust my computer with money.

Thank you if you helped.

admin answers:

The power supply in an HP a6200n is a 250 watt Bestec ATX-250-12V (HP part number 5188-2622, AKA „Zinfandel“). It’s a piece of junk. It’s only rated for 13A on a single +12V rail. It’s not going to support any video card upgrade reliably. You should plan on upgrading the power supply and video card at the same time.

You’re just gonna have to learn how to shop online. Borrow a credit card. (You won’t find anything remotely comparable to this in local stores –you’re dreaming. Or get ready to spend $200 instead of $120.)

This guy has been selling new (pulls) Antec Earthwatts EA-380 power supplies (380 watts, 80plus efficiency, 27A combined +12V) for $38 shipped.


(Antec Earthwatts EA-380 are currently $50 not including shipping at Newegg.)

The best video card for around $80 is a Radeon 4830. (The power supply requirement for a Radeon 4830 is 26A on the +12V, so it will be fine on an EA-380.)

Sapphire 100265HDMI, Radeon HD 4830, $90 free shipping ($80 after a $10 rebate),

Call that $128 shipped (not including the rebate).

Thomas asks…

Why did my computer stop working months after RAM and graphics card upgrade until I removed them?

I upgraded the RAM and graphics card in my computer back in september so about 3 months time. I just wanted some more speed and smoother while playing games and it worked very well. The other day my computer blue screened and after asking around I had to remove the RAM and graphics card and now it works just fine (I put the old RAM back in). Now from what I’m reading online lots of people have this problem except that they have it immediately after installation and they all go into the BIOS upon booting and make an adjustment. It seems the graphics card needs to be updated after the RAM. I am in no way knowledgeable with this its just what I’ve seen in some searches. But now the comp is working fine again with no harm, would I be safe to reinstall the upgrades? I’d imagine its near impossible for the graphics card and two sticks of RAM to just die all at the same exact time.

Here is some info:

Computer: HP a6403w with processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80GHz
Operating system: Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
Memory: 2.00 GB
RAM I upgraded it with: Patriot PC2 – 6400 800 MHz 4GB (2 x 2GB) KIT (4 – 4 – 4 – 12) DDR2 Viper series
Graphics card upgrade: 1 GB DDR2 EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT PCI-E 2.0

And this is a link to more information on my computers model, I don’t know what is necessary and hopefully I have enough info already.

Hoping that this was just my computer having a simple issue and these were to blame. Just to be safe I had done a system restore to a few days before also. I REALLY want to use these products again, the were simply amazing for the price when I put them in and loved the performance increase. Both are under warranty, the RAM lifetime and the graphics card 2 years, but I really don’t think they are to blame. Any information would be excellent! Thanks!

Computer ran fine with everything in it for a few days. I thought everything was fine and backed up all of my files. Now, tonight it blue screened again and I can’t get it to do anything with it back to stock.

Was there any permanent damage done? Also, if I got that new power supply now would it fix the problem?
The first time the computer blue screened I removed the upgrades and let it sit for a while and it started fine and after some time I put the upgrades back in. This time the computer turns on and I hear the fans running but there is nothing being sent to the screen. I checked the monitor on the computer I am on now and it works just fine.

Not knowing much about computers I can see how the power supply one got away and I love that fix and honestly I’m 99% sure thats it, but for now how do I go about getting the computer to start up again? Will getting the power supply now while it won’t stop, even with no upgrades in it, make it work again?

Thank you all for your input just a bit more and problem should be good!

admin answers:

The HP Pavilion a6403w has kind of a crummy 250 watt power supply (Bestec ATX-250-12V, with 14A on a single +12V rail).

NVIDIA recommends a minimum of a 350 watt power supply for a 9500GT.

Together, your RAM and video card upgrade parts probably increase the computer’s power consumption by about 45 watts. That might be all it takes, to make the crummy Bestec power supply unstable, especially considering how undersized it is relative to NVIDIA’s recommendation.

Components in power supplies gradually wear down, and become less effective at regulating voltages. Subjecting a small power supply to additional loads will often accelerate that process. Your stock 250 watt power supply was already almost two years old.

This is an example of a power supply that would help your computer run better with your upgrade parts,


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