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Richard asks…

Does anyone know of any good poker calculator – there are so many of them.?

admin answers:

Texas Calc – here

George asks…

why do websites that i have not clicked appear?

i get browsers that open themselves up and invite me to play poker or something to do with a love calculator.

i want them gone.

and i have virus scanned my computer using AVG and nothing comes up. help please!

admin answers:

You need a pop-up blocker. Download it here:

or you can go to Control Panel>Internet Options>Privacy. Below check the Block Pop-up blocker.

Thomas asks…

Poker 5 Card Probabilities?

Ok, now I need some answers for my Math Homework, but I do not want the answers, I want you to explain them to me! I have to use the nCr on the calculator apparently, but I am very confused as I was sick that day!

Rules: 5 Card draw with no other people playing and its just a straight-up deal. No wilds!

How Many Poker Hands:
1. Contain 4 spades and one heart?

2. Contain 4 of one suit?

3. Are a full house containing Aces and Kings

4. Are „three of a kind“ and contain the king of hearts?

5. Are a straight flush and contain a red 7?

6. Contain no kings?

7. Contain 2 8’s?

8. Contain 3 hearts?

Your help is much appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance,

admin answers:

Throughout this, I’m going to assume when you say things like „three of a kind“ or „four of a one suit“ that you mean EXACTLY three of a kind (and not four).

1. Contain 4 spades and one heart?

Choose 4 spades and one heart:

(13C4)(13C1) = 715 × 13 = 9295

2. Contain 4 of one suit?

Choose a suit, then choose 4 of them, then one of the rest.

(4C1)(13C4)(39C1) = 4 × 715 × 39 = 111540

3. Are a full house containing Aces and Kings

Here you can only choose which suits, and which has two (or three). So choose one of the types to be the three-of-a-kind (the other will have two). Then choose three suits for one, two suits for the other:

(2C1)(4C3)(4C2) = 2 × 4 × 6 = 48

4. Are „three of a kind“ and contain the king of hearts?

Pick two suits for the other kings, and then two other cards:

(3C2)(48C2) = 3 × 1128 = 3384

5. Are a straight flush and contain a red 7?

Choose either hearts or spades, and then choose where in the straight the seven is (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th).

(2C1)(5C1) = 2 × 5 = 10

6. Contain no kings?

Just pick from the deck minus the kings:

48C5 = 1712304

7. Contain 2 8’s?

Choose suits for the two eights, and then three cards from the rest:

(4C2)(48C3) = 6 × 17296 = 103776

8. Contain 3 hearts?

Pick three hearts, then two of the non-hearts:

(13C3)(39C2) = 286 × 741 = 211926

Helen asks…

Present Value of Annuity Due Using Financial Calculator?

I am going over a question that provides somewhat of a solution, but I can’t figure out what I need to punch into my financial calculator to give me the same answer.

1. Your cousin just came home from a poker tournament in Las Vegas and is now trying to
pay off a gambling debt of $5,000. You have agreed to pay off the debt for him today,
and in return he has agreed to pay you $250 per month over the next two years with
payments beginning immediately. What is the effective annual interest rate you are
charging him?

A) 19.75%
B) 19.86%
C) 21.77%
D) 22.26%
E) 23.45%

Answer C
5,000 = 250 x PVIFA (i,24) x (1+i) because it is an annuity due
Solve for i using your financial calculator: i = 1.6550%
EAR = (1 + im )m -1 = (1.01655)12-1 = 21.77%

Yes the solution is provided, but I can’t figure out how to solve for i using my financial calculator.

admin answers:

Hey, i have to same exam on sunday:

You should change your calculator in begin mode to calculate I/Y cause its an annuity due.. Make sure you put (-) sign in present value (-5000)

To change the setting to begin mode:

To change to Begin Mode, press 2nd PMT. You should see that it says END on the screen. Now, press 2nd ENTER to change that to BGN and finally press 2nd CPT to exit from setting the calculation mode.

.. Good luck! 😉

Donald asks…

will someone with a graphing calculator enter this in for me?

This is my poker profit over days. I want to see what my projected profit is over a 30, 60, and 90 day periods.

Day BankRoll
1 12.12
2 10.15
3 20.23
4 33.03
5 30.43
6 94.96
7 106.61
8 103.61
9 117.81
10 168.06
11 243.31
12 278.06
13 393.86

Days are (x) and my bankroll is (Y). Using exponetial regresion of a scatter plot. what is my bankroll after 30 days? 60days? 90 days? I would do it my self except I dont have my graphing calculator anymore. To get the numbers, enter the info into your lists then graph the scatter plot. To get the expo function, go to— stat/calc/exporeg then put in Y1,y2 (vars/function/Y1) that give you the equation then to plug in x.. type in the day (30,60,90). hit store/X „enter“. then got to vars/function/Y1
then enter and that will give you my bankroll after some many days. PLease help out. I’d do it myself escept i dont have a graphing calculator any more.

admin answers:

I haven’t got a graphing calculator, but I have
got exponential regression on my computer.

The equation to your data is :
y = 8.655090210389806 * e^(0.30254124733924 * x)

The coefficient of best fit is 0.952.

X = 30 gives y = 75,688.77

x = 60 gives y = 661,898,283.54

x = 90 gives y = 5,788,300,678,953.71

OK! Deal me in … Partner.

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