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Susan asks…

What poker games have the best odds for the gambler?

What types of poker games are easiest on the low-stakes player?

admin answers:

Where are you looking to play? Live or online?

The best poker games have a low rake and lots of weak opponents. PokerStars has some very low limit penny stakes games. As for type of game, no-limit hold’em i likely to be your best bet, it is the most popular and that will mean there are many tables to choose from.

William asks…

Is there a web site that lists where individual poker games originated?

For example. 2 card guts. Spot guts. Brannigan guts. 7 card stud. Lowball. Ect.. I already know where poker itself originated. But is there a site that credits people or places to each individual variation of the games?

admin answers:

You might find some of the information you need on wikipedia

Mandy asks…

What are good poker games that are like five card draw, 7 card stud, texas hold ‚em ect.?

Please list good poker games that aren’t 5 card draw/stud, 7 car stud, jacks or better, or texas hold ‚em because i already know those games so i want to learn new poker games that are like those. THANKS!

admin answers:

Pisoy dos (filipino poker game)
2-7 draw
chinese/russian poker
3 card poker
let it ride
bonus hold em

Helen asks…

What is the name ofthe poker games played in the 007 movie Casino Royale?

I’ve been watching Casino Royale alot recently and I’m curious as to what game it is that Bond beats Demetrios, and Le Chiffre in the poker game. I play poker every now and then but i have never seen this game. What game is it and what are the rules?

admin answers:

It is called No Limit Texas Hold’em. It is the most popular poker game in the world right now. If you want know the rules I suggest you check out full tilt. The have quick and simple lessons, a poker academy, a glossary of terms not to mention you can play for free on their site. Http://

Lizzie asks…

What Are The Most Popular Poker Games In UK?

Hi, guys. I’m a foreigner and I wanna know what are the most popular poker games in UK? Can you name a few?

And I’ve always seen on moives that Americans/Britishers play a certain kind of poker game, in which people always say things like :“I’ll see your twenty“. Things like that ….What’s name of that game? And plz show me links to the introduction and rules of this game. Thanks a lot:)

Would also love to know other popular poker games(except Bridge). Thanks:)

admin answers:

Texas hold‘ em is my favourite, I think you are talking about five card draw. Also HORSE poker is getting quite popular which usually consists of a few poker games among:

* Texas Hold ‚em,
* Omaha eight or better,
* Razz,
* Seven card Stud, and
* Seven card stud Eight or better.

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