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Daniel asks…

Which hold em poker calculator site is the most thourough?

I saw a site which would show the odds of each player winning if you entered their cards in, and they would give it a percentage change to win. Which sites/ downloads can I use in order to have the probability of a player having a specific set of cards (such as full house or two pairs)?

admin answers:

I think this counts as cheating. Why play if you have a calculator with you?

Joseph asks…

What is the best Poker Calculator on the web?

I’m a complete jack@$$. Will someone please answer this same question for the 4 billionth time? Thank you.


Most Annoying Idiots EVER

admin answers:

I think this is the best one i’ve tried…hopefully it helps you out

Paul asks…

can someone suggest a free poker calculator?

Please give me a link to a free poker calculator.. no attachments like i have to sign up to a poker site and use a bonus.. just a good FREE poker calculator..

very much appreciated

admin answers:


David asks…

What is the best Poker Calculator with features like automatic card capture, pot odds calculation & others?

admin answers:

Please follow the link: / for best online poker calculator

Susan asks…

Which poker calculator should I use to eat up some fish at full tilt poker?

admin answers:

There are many to choose from. I suggest you go to you can find very nice reviews on the best calculators out to date..

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