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Mandy asks…

I was just wondering if cost money. Im pretty sure it doesnt but i just wanted to make sure!!

admin answers:

Applying to many online poker sites, .net is the free version with play money games only, and which they advertise, because its illegal to advertise real gambling sites on american television. They advertise the .net for play money only, but want you to go to the .com versions which feature both play and real money. I would sign up for .com if i were you. You can still play for play money, but it will give you the option to play for real money should you decide to.

Jenny asks…

I have been playing on on and off for a year. Many players have uploaded a custom image to represent thier online player. I have looked ALL Over pokerstars site to find out how to do it but i cant find anything. Does anyone know how to upload a custom image?

admin answers:

On the main page under options it says images you go there and then open your pictures file and get your picture

Joseph asks…

my brother stole my 10millon chips and now i have none can someone give me some to get back on my feet please

admin answers:

These are play chips why not go over to poker stars dot com and play the u.s.a. Players free roll for your share 200 dollars thats more fun to me than 10 million in play money ever was. Its easy to make 10 million in play money. Try it with free roll real money. Play hubbles no limit hold em and get in the weekly round 2 to play for the 1000 free roll. OR better yet join rail birds . Com and play 2 200 dollar free rolls every day. I dont play dot net but if i did i would be able to give you ten million play chips because they waste my time on line. Good luck at the tables.

Lizzie asks…


how can i put a picture as my background i go under account but to put a picture its white i cant press it how can i make it black so i can press it and put a picture

admin answers:

I think the pics are for the real money players on .com version.

Try emailing customer service.

Sandra asks…

How do you get a picture next to your seat in

I click on the accoubt option and it wont let me click on the select/change image button it remains gray.

admin answers:

You can only change your avatar if you sign up at and play in the ‚real money‘ games.
The site is for play money – it doesn’t allow cash deposits, and has several other restrictions over the ‚real money‘ site.

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