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Mary asks…

What’s the best poker calculator available?

admin answers:

I do not know but if you go to 2+2 publishing .com they have free fourm that is great for poker

Mark asks…

which is a better poker calculator? Texas Calculatem or Calculatem Pro?

I wanted to get Texas Calculatem but a friend of mine insists Calculatem Pro is better.

admin answers:

I would say your friend is right but that’s just my opinion and his too. You should really read some reviews and compare the two of them and decide whats right for you. Try they have some pretty good reviews of a few of them.

Nancy asks…

where can I buy a hand held video poker calculator that tells you what cards to keep and discard?

admin answers:

How about you just learn the game? It’s not that complicated…

It’s not going to be that simple anyway since it depends on what game you’re playing

Sandy asks…

Can you recommend the best Poker Calculator?

admin answers:

You might want to check out this free poker ebook. It has a whole chapter talking about online poker calculators to help you improve your online poker game.

Donna asks…

where can i find a hand held poker calculator in the UK?

admin answers:

Order one off of Good Luck ! 🙂

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