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Helen asks…

how many people use poker odds calculators? or any other tracking software while playing online poker?

so i have played at full tilt for a few months and i was trying to figure out how to better my game, when someone told me they had software that helps you figure out odds and tracks players… i was blown away. now i am curious how many people actually use this type of software?

admin answers:

Any winning online poker player will be using some form of database and a Hud. My website is which focuses of these things for beginners. Its work in progress only been up last few days but feel free to have a gander. I

I list some of the devices you SHOULD check out if you’re serious about online poker. They should keep you busy in the meantime whilst I write tutorials on them over the next few months.

NOTE: Be aware to check what software your room prohibits and allows, they will always have a list of this. If a piece of software is not on the list, email and ask them so you dont get into trouble and have your account locked.

Allowed when using Full Tilt.

DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING WHILST PLAYING AT FT. They do allow you to use these sites when not playing/signed in.

Good luck, you will be on a very steep learning curve when you visit these sites but make sure your persistent with them and they will eventually make sense to you.

James asks…

poker odds calculator??? can this be bought?

I would like to buy one in the uk or from an online uk retailer. Please tell me where i can do this

admin answers:

We just finished building our Texas Hold’em odds calculator. It is a flash app which you can use online.

Paul asks…

Do you regard the use of poker odds calculators as cheating?

i recently asked for the keycodes to certain poker odds calculators and have been branded as a cheat by some , even though some sites give you these calculators free upon registration and minimal deposit . I would like your views please .

admin answers:

I’ve just asked my son lan_dee_ray and he says that they are ok if you are just learning about the odds but to use one to your advantage in a real cash game IS cheating and takes the challenge out of it.

Robert asks…

How do I find what my (Texas Hold ‚em ) poker odds are of winning a hand?

Hey I play poker and was wondering if there is like a formula to find out what the odds are of me losing or winning a hand without a poker calculator because I want to be able to do this in real poker against friends. Well if you can explain it to me I will be very grateful! Thanks

admin answers:

A way to do a quick estimate is to figure out how many outs you have…

If it’s after the flop, multiply by 4.
If after the turn, multiply by 2.

Example: If you have 4 to a flush, you have 9 outs (the other 9 of the suit you need). Assume we’re after the flop… 9*4 = 36. The actual chance of catching the flush is 35%, so we’re pretty close for a rough estimate.

Linda asks…

poker calculator and bankroll tools?

can any one help.. i want a good FREE poker odds calculator that works with betfred poker (i poker network)and also a similar bankroll tool without having to sign up to a site

admin answers:

Well here is a simple one to do in your head and will help you in the long run when playing live – and as of yet i dont know any that auto-work with betfred:

Determine how many outs you have.
Multiply your outs by two and add a % after the result.
Double this number to see your odds with two cards to come

For example, Let’s apply this to a real situation. You flop a flush draw and know that if you make the flush, you’ll win the hand.

Since you know 4 of the 13 flush cards, you can determine that you have 9 outs left in the deck.

You multiply your 9 outs by 2, which tells you that you have an 18% chance to make a flush with one card to come.

You multiply 18% by two to determine that you have a 36% chance of completing your flush by the river.

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