Your Questions About Poker Rules

Nancy asks…

poker rules?

i need to know some basic poker game types and rules. please help!

admin answers:

You can go onto any poker site and find out the rules.

Laura asks…

Poker Rules…..?

Playing Texas Holdem poker what is better, two pairs or one pair?

admin answers:

Of course 2 pairs ..

Or see this website if you dont know the correct hand rankings

Mandy asks…

I have a couple questions regarding poker rules and etiquette. Does 5 of a kind beat royal flush?

I have a couple questions regarding poker rules and etiquette.
Q1) Does 5 of a kind beat royal flush? I’m pretty sure that it does, but I was playing in a game the other night and the others there said that it beats a lower straight flush but not a royal flush. Luckily my 5 9’s were only up against a lower straight flush.
Q2) I was playing a high low game where the rules stated that you needed a flush or better to win high. Someone went high ahead of me, and I had a hand that was good enough to go high or low, but not high and low. I had an 8 high flush, so I figured that the guy going high probably had me beat. I went low, and the guy says „Woops, I only have a straight.“ So the guy who won low took the whole pot. I would have won high if I had gone that way, and I would have gone that way if this guy wouldn’t have gone high in error. Should I have had any recourse? Should the guy have been penalized somehow? What do you do in your games?

admin answers:

5 of a kind, with wild cards of course, beats a royal. That is the door that you open when playing with jokers or wild cards. Straight poker has no 5 of a kind.

Your secund question sounds like a ‚luck of the draw‘ misfortune. You win some and you lose more.

Daniel asks…

What are the house poker rules in North Carolina?

I am moving there in about a month and wanted to know the rules of hosting house tournaments of Texas Hold’em.

admin answers:

If it’s your house, it’s your rules! I have written about hosting games, rules and ettiquette here:

James asks…

where can i find easy to follow set of poker rules on the net?

i’d love to learn how to play poker,just need an east set of instructions to print out? thanks!

admin answers:

I would not really worry about what that chap said about the odds, it depends how much you know about poker if you are a complete beginner, the odds will just confuse you, i would advice to know the odds when you learn the concept of the game first but its not so important if your a beginner

here are sum site to help you learn the concept of learning poker easy to understand

hope this help and good luck cause you will need it

be warned poker is very addictive, if you are going to play online many poker site offer a free play chip service this is good to play poker with people around the world for free to learn the game

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