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Michael asks…

poker .?

13 and loves playin poker any tips on good play (texas hold’em)

admin answers:

I’ll give you 3:

1. Discipline – Without discipline you’ll become easy prey at the tables. Part of your strategy should be mucking trash hands before the flop. Too many players are willing to „to pay to see the flop.“ They get involved in hands they had absolutely no business playing.

Texas Holdem Strategy #1: Learn the „art of the fold.“ Fold TRASH hands pre-flop.

2. Attitude – Napoleon Hill said, „If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, don’t. If you like to win, but you think you can’t, it is almost certain you won’t.“

Texas Holdem strategy #2: Have a positive attitude. Focus on winning.

3. Patience – Annie Duke said, „Good poker players are boring poker players.“ Televised poker has spoiled us. TV makes us think we’ve got to always be a part of the action. What TV doesn’t show is the countless hands that Daniel Negreanu or Gus Hansen folded.

You might be at a table folding your first 15-20 hands. Boring! Don’t get impatient just to get some action.

Texas Holdem strategy #3: .If you are patient, the good cards WILL come!

For more help and strategy visit Learn To Win Holdem. Sign up to recieve the Learn To Win Newsletter for more great tips.

Mandy asks…


Here is a little trivia- what is the highest hand you can hold in a poker game??

admin answers:

Royal Flush

Mark asks…

PoKER …………………….?

would you???

admin answers:

I’m to scared to.

Mary asks…

What is a free poker bankroll, and where i can get a free poker bankroll?

I heard it from a friend of mine about this free poker bankroll. Are these things real? I have found a lots of this free poker bankroll sites around the net, but they ask me for id, telephone numer and a lot of thing.
Do u know a site with information about free pokers bankroll s ,and some good offfers. I want to start into this poker thing but without risk. And a free poker bankroll would be the best.
Thanks a lot guys!

admin answers:

I know what u mean. But not all the sites are scam. Some places offer real free poker bankroll. Not kiddin. Look there is a lot of good web sites with info about free poker bankroll. Here is a blog with strategys about bankroll management and somo offer for build ur first free poker bankroll.

Helen asks…

What poker sites are reliable when it comes to playing with real money?

Okay I’m new to the poker web and I’m thinking about playing with real money and I just wanna know from personal experience what site do you guys recommend that doesn’t charge additional fees. I want to play poker so badly online but, I don’t want to get does extra fees on my card. Thanks for your time!

admin answers:

All of the well known sites are reliable (Full Tilt, Chili, PokerStars, Titan). If you are nervous about making the leap to play with real money, I would suggest that you take an online poker school course. They are free and you get money (real money) from them to play with when you have finished the course, often after passing a quiz. This is a wonderful way to get your FREE starting capitol and then the leap doesn’t look quite so big.

For an overview of the schools out there check out:

PS. Why not go ahead and do them all!!

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