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Maria asks…

How long for pokerstars to debit my account for a deposit i made using echeck?

I deposited money into my pokerstars account using echeck about a month ago and pokerstars hasn’t debited my bank account. Happen to anyone else?
My deposit into pokerstars went through in seconds……i meant when pokerstars takes it out of my bank account. Its been nearly a month.

admin answers:

I use e-check for PokerStars too and it usually takes from 7-10 days for it actually come out of your account. You can go to your PokerStars account and click on Cashier and then History … See what it says, does it say you have a „pending“ transaction? If so, I would contact them and ask them what’s going on.

In the year that I’ve been using PokerStars there was 1 time when I made a deposit and a month or more later it was still not out of my account. I never realized it though until I got an e-mail from them apologizing for their mistake. And not only did they cancel the transaction, they credited me with another $25!

One last thing … Are you sure it never came out of your bank account because it won’t say PokerStars. It may be some odd name from another country.

Sandy asks…

How to look pokerstars rake? Is it possible to withdraw it or what?

Where I can see my pokerstars rake? Does it give money automatically to your account or you have to withdraw it manually?

admin answers:

Do a little research on something called rake-back.
And if you already have it you have to withdraw it manually from your account. ( On whatever site you’re using to get rake-back )

Susan asks…

How can one get in debt with Pokerstars?

In Pokerstars license agreement,I read something about debts and about paying debts back.But how exactly can one get in debt playing in Pokerstars ?

admin answers:

Sounds interesting. You’d think you can only play with deposited money.

Maybe it has something to do with people using a credit card to deposit money, then refusing to pay the bill.

But then again the credit company would bear the risk and you’d be indebted to Visa/Mastercard/the credit union or bank approving the card, not Pokerstars.

Robert asks…

Pokerstars Play Money How to Get to a Million?

I hear people that it’s not that hard to get to a million in play chips in Pokerstars. If you’ve gotten to a million tell me if you had Bankroll Management and what you did to get there?

admin answers:

Was pretty easy actually. I went with the 5:1 method: i would keep 5 units (if i was playing 2k games, i would keep 10k, for example) and gamble with the winnings. If i lost, i would go to the next smaller game until i had the bank.

Took me about 1 month to get to 3 million. I’ve been hovering ~2.8 mil because i’m only playing omaha now (was playing hold em to get to the 3 mil.)

the 27 and 45 player tables are better.

Betty asks…

PokerStars: why does the hubble tournament continue after the last people already have their ticket?

PokerStars: why does the hubble or ptolemy tournament continue after the last 72/9000 or 56/7000 people already have their ticket? You don’t get (more) points or anything, do you?
It is a sattelite, to the weekly round.
And even if it’s not a sattelite, i still would like to know why. Because there seems no gain.

admin answers:

Because a free roll isn’t a satellite. They have it setup to end when one person is left, like all free rolls are.

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