Your Questions About Poker Calculator

William asks…

Can you suggest me the best Poker Calculator?

admin answers:

The best calculator of rent time is Poker Pro Calculator 2006 with amazing features of tracking opponents and gives you odds and stat as you play.

Charles asks…

anyone know a poker calculator to PKR?

admin answers:

Yeah sure.
There’s loads it just takes a bit of research. Try my website [].
It has links to poker sites which you can download odds calculators. A good one is texas calculatem pro.
Just click the poker link on the side.
Hope this is useful.

Thomas asks…

how to use a poker calculator?

admin answers:

A poker calculator can be cumbersome and you really will not learn the game to your best ability if you use one. Most of them require that you enter your hands in and then enter in the flop cards, etc.
This distracts you from observing the game and the actions fo the other players, which is important in poker, even online.

Why not learn how to figure the odds yourself? It is not heard to do. Here is a link that explains pot odds and poker hand outs, and how to figure them.


And some tips, articles, and strategy on poker may help you out, too.


Good luck at the tables!

Richard asks…

Does anyone know of any good poker calculator – there are so many of them.?

admin answers:

I’ve got all online calculators. In my opinion, Poker Pro is a superior calculator. First of all, it’s very flexible and accurate. Secondly, it includes opponent tracking that no other calculator does. You can also check out opt.

Ken asks…

whats the best poker calculator & why?

admin answers:

A great player;

Any poker calculator in the world as a stand alone will suck at making any type of decision beyond all in or folding. There’s just so many factors that go into analyzing a hand and what to do with it no application will do it justice beyond very simple decisions against very static/obvious ranges.

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