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Linda asks…

does anyone have a sit n go shark key for texas holdem?

admin answers:

Yahoo isn’t a torrent site. What you’re looking for can probably be found, but not here.

David asks…

on pokerstars in the „sit n go“?

how do you get more money to be able to register to play?
by the way, i’m not playing with real money?

admin answers:

Make sure you’re looking at tables under the „Play Money“ tab at the far right. You are automatically given 1,000 play money chips, and if you run out, you can sit at a table and refill them.

Susan asks…

Cash Tables or Sit n Go’s?

Which do you prefer more and why?

admin answers:

I prefer S’n’G’s. I usually play single table games, where 33% of the players get paid (1-3 on a 9 person table). This means I only have to outlast 6 players to make a profit. Online, where bluffs are almost comically overused, tight play will place you in the money a good majority of the time. I track my play, and at low limit ($5) games I finish in the money 72% of the time. And that’s a profit. By comparison my cash game success is substantially lower. If you play limit then you have to take into account the chasers who will call a raised pot and then keep the bet at a minimum level until they hit. Nothing’s worse than raising with aces and getting 5 callers! No limit cash games are just madness, with everybody trying to play like they see on „High Stakes Poker“. I’m a naturally tight player, so the single table S’n’G’s are a good return on investment for a game well suited to my personality.

George asks…

bankrollmanagement for Sit N‘ Go’s?


I want to build a bankroll playing sit n go’s online. I want to start out with 200$ to play with.
At what stakes should a player best be playing at with such a bankroll? When do I need to move one up in stakes? and when do I need to move one down?

Bankroll management is important and I don’t want to go broke on 1 game. So that’s why I would like to get some expert advice if possible as to what constitutes a solid bankroll managament (for playing SnG’s)

Thanks a lot for your advice.

admin answers:

There’s really three things you need consider:

How much an edge you have in the game you’re playing? The bigger the edge the less buy ins you need. The smaller the edge the more you need.
How much risk are you willing to take? Bankroll management is just about limiting your risk of going broke. A more aggressive strategy might increase your risk of going broke but will allow you to move up or make more money quicker.
Does it really matter if you have to reload later? I think unless you’re a professional player, going bust and reloading just isn’t that big a deal. You have other things you can allocate that money to instead of wasting away just sitting in a poker account.

You’re probably going to want to play something in the $3-$10 range depending on the answers to those 3 questions.

Mary asks…

Annoying situation in a Sit-N-Go on Bodog….?

I don’t know if this happens on other sites, but here is the situation. I have a very nice hand (AA,KK,QQ), something along those lines and I raise, 4x BB, let’s say. A short stack player goes all-in behind me for a little more than my initial raise, let’s say 6x BB. One, maybe even two players will call the all-in. When the action comes back around to me, I don’t have the option of re-raising, I can only call the all-in. Ideally, I would like to raise all-in myself here and isolate the short stack but I am not given this option and I have one or two more players to deal with now. Now my AA or KK or whatever is only 25% to win against 3 other hands as opposed to a huge favorite if I was able to get the all-in heads up.

Why is the software set up like this? Shouldn’t I have the option to re-raise when the action comes back around to me? I have emailed Bodog concerning this but I never received a response. Can anyone shed some light on this situation?

admin answers:


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