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Chris asks…

How do you play on for real money?

Hello, I just downloaded and made an account on and wanted to watch some real money games. Unfortionately, there is no button for me to switch away from „play money“ games.

Does anyone know how to do this? Please help!



admin answers:

They have two sites go to pokerstars.COM this is the real money site your account is the same on both. They advertise the play money site on TV because its technically illegal in the states to play online poker.

Lisa asks…

On, why is it keep saying to validate my email, when I’ve already validated it?

Validated, and everything. Did it a couple of times, also, followed everything it told me too. Have been playing games fine.

admin answers:

Depending on whether or not you lose internet connection or hit back at the wrong time in your browser or one of a lot of other possibilities, sometimes you can get all messed up with software like they have on pokerstars.

All you need to do is email their support and they’ll get back to you within a couple hours and tell you what to do next.

Ken asks…

Whats the difference between and

I’m currently on and I want to change to Can I still use the same password?

admin answers: is the free site
pokerstars .com is the site that you use to play for real money.

They are both run by the same company, and you do not have to create a second account.

Joseph asks…

Do poker stars pay to play on TV shows such as POKER AFTERDARK and POKERSTARS.NET BIG GAME?


shouldnt they be paid fo bringing ratings?

admin answers:

The people who play poker on these TV shows don’t „pay“ to play there. They buy in for cash just like they would for any other game at a casino.

The typical format for Poker After Dark is a Tournament. Each player buys in for $20,000 and it’s a „winner take all“ tournament that lasts about 5 hours. This 5 hours is shown to us over the course of 5 days on TV. They also have done a lot more „Cash Games“ on Poker After Dark. In those games, the poker players buy in for as much CASH as they’d like. Some buy in for $100,000, and some buy in for $250,000.

None of these players have to PAY the TV show to be on TV.

One other detail – Do you notice how many of them wear or Full Tilt Poker hats and shirts and coats and all sorts of other stuff? That’s because they get sponsored by these websites. Full Tilt Poker, for example, pays Phil Ivey to wear that stuff on TV.

Steven asks…

How do i renew my play credits on

I have 40 play credits left, just enough to not be able to play a new game. How do i renew my credits from here? i heard i have to click on the tray but i cant play a new game. Please help!

admin answers:

Go to the „Cashier“ area and click to renew your play money.

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