Your Questions About Poker Calculator

William asks…

best poker calculator?

admin answers:

Your brain, babe!

Paul asks…

is there a hand calculator for texas hold em from zynga on facebook?

im looking for a calculator for texas hold em poker on facebook by Zynga?

admin answers:

No such things doesnt exist,if you find one better do not download because they are full of viruses

James asks…

Are poker calculators illegal?

Are programs like Hold em Indicator forbidden in Full Tilt and Party Poker? The Hold em Indicator website says its acceptable, but Full Tilt has a vague policy about „robot“ programs being prohibited…?

admin answers:

There is nothing illegal about poker calculators. Similarly, they are not even against site rules.

The issue online poker sites have is with people cheating or using automated programs to play on behalf of a human player.

Using a calculator is basically a computerized way of doing the kind of calculations that professional players can easily approximate in their head. It’s not really cheating, you still have to make a decision what to do with the information.

Robert asks…

what is a good way to win in poker..?

lets say i had a poker win rate calculator, what would be the best percentage to take the gamble?

admin answers:

Bluffin is my fav, i trick them dudes like every time

Charles asks…

are there any hold em calculators programs for Zynga Poker?

admin answers:

No, I don’t think so.

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