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Joseph asks…

can anyone help me find a „free“ online poker calculator that reads the cards in play?

Not one of the free to use at these sites just depoit this much first scams….a truely free one?…. THANXS to all that help

admin answers:

I use pokertracker

William asks…

Where can I find a free site that allows for Poker Calculator for unknown hands or randomness. LIke Simulation

admin answers:

Go to

Ruth asks…

What is a good online poker calcuator?

Just gotten into pokerstars, and was wanting to know what a good (free) poker calculator would be?

admin answers:

There are 3 or 4 very good calculators, none are FREE unless you download a poker site from their website and make the minimum deposit.

1. Texas Calculatem is the King.
2. Holdem Genius is really good
3. Holdem Indicator is in my mind the very best. I really don’t need one to play poker, but I must ADMIT I am addicted to it.

You can read reviews on each of them at Learn to Win

Michael asks…

Need your opinion – Free Online Poker School — just looking to get your ideas and see what you think…?

New free online poker school web site is up and I need to get some feedback. The classes include a set of online poker tools including a poker calculator and will focus mainly on Texas Hold ‚em. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know or check it out and sign up on the site

admin answers:

If the poker calculator tells players the odds, I would get rid of this, as in real games you can`t use a calculator and you just got to learn the approx odds off the top of your head, so it would be better without the calculator if that is what it does.
I play in real cash games, and people sometimes moan about me taking too long to decide, I`m sure if I had a calculator and sat there pressing buttons, they would moan even more, and anyways it wouldn`t help that much as it doesn`t really matter if you got a 64% chance or a 62% chance, you don`t need to be that accurate to win often.

Sandy asks…

Poker calculator for Fulltilt?

Hi everyone =] I am a Full tilt poker player, and currently looking for a software that can be used with Fulltilt. I usually play in SNG and tournaments, less often cash games. Is there a free or cracked software available? Thank you so much and all answers are appreciated.

admin answers:


Yes there are softwares for fulltilt. There are a few but i personally think „Holdem Manager“ is one of the better ones.

I think they offer a free trial but I would only recommend buying it if you play higher than micro-stakes as there are a lot of fish and no need for a lot of datamining/analysis.

Especially for SNG, i wouldn’t recommend buying it

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