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Helen asks…

Where can I find a FREE Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator?

I have a mac and full tilt installed on it. I would like to know if there are any free odds calculators that attach onto the board so you don’t have to manually input the play-by-play of the hand. I looked for a widget particularly but I knew the odds of finding one for the dashboard was slim. Also another question I have is how do I change the time zone on full tilt? And one more (sorry), what is a simple way to get a rough estimate for odds in poker. Any links or plain answers for any question are greatly appreciated! Thanks

admin answers:

There isn’t an odds calculator that will attach to Full Tilt on a Mac. PokerStove is for the PC. Unless you start running a windows emulator on your Mac.

I don’t think you can change your time zone on full tilt.

The Rule of 4 and 2 (created by Phil Gordon) can give you a rough estimate of your odds.

The Rule of 4 gives you the rough percent chance you will hit one of your outs on either the turn or river (essential if you want to know when to hold’em and when to fold’em). It’s really simple to use. On the flop, take the number of outs you have and multiply it by 4. The product is the the probability that you’ll hit your draw.

The Rule of 2 is a slight modification on the Rule of 4. It gives you the probability of hitting when only the river card is left to come. To find the probability of hitting, simply multiply your outs by 2.

Sandra asks…

texas holdem poker odds calculator?source code..?

i’m thinking of developing a web app that allows the user to find out all the odds/percentages of each texas holdem poker hand..

possibly pre-flop,post-flop,turn and river, havent decided on what the final implementation will look like!

i am looking for any links to source code (whether its ruby,C,php etc… ) people know of or even ideas/tips people have!


admin answers:

Here’s a site that gives you the math, step by step:

David asks…

How do poker pros calculate the odds of winning so quickly? Is there some sort of shortcut or is it memory?

I can tell when I’m a huge favorite or a slight underdog, but not with the degree of certainty they seem to know. (i.e. I called an all in bet when I had top two pair against a guy i put on a draw with one card to come. I suffered what i suspected was a really bad beat and i checked a poker odds calculator which said I was an 80% favorite, but i don’t know how to tell this while I’m at the table. Is there an easy way? I had the other guy covered and I was getting about 3 to one on my call) BTW this was no limit hold ‚em

admin answers:

Before the flop, there really aren’t that many combinations:

A pair vs. Two overcards (ex. 9-9 vs. A-J) = coin flip (the 9-9 is between 50-55%)
A pair vs. One overcard (ex. 9-9 vs. A-8) = pair is 2-1 favorite
A pair vs. Two undercards (ex: 9-9 vs. 6-7) = pair is 3-1 favorite
A pair vs. Lower pair (ex: 9-9 vs. 8-8) = high pair is 4-1 favorite

With no pairs:

Two high vs. Two low (ex. 9-8 vs. 5-4) = high cards are 75-80%
One high vs. Two middle (ex: J-5 vs. 6-7) = hich card is 60%
Interleaved (J-8 vs. 9-7) = high card is 55%

The odds are about the same whether the high card is a 9 or an A.


After the flop: Odds of hitting are about 4% times the number of outs.
After the turn: Odds of hitting are about 2% times the number of outs.


How to handle bad beats:
This is more psychology.

If you play often enough, the bad beats will even out (When the board makes a bad beat, half the time you get burnt, half the time you luck out.)

Donald asks…

poker odds calculator?

is there any program that will calculate your odds of winning based on your hand and the community cards in holdem without knowing your opponents hand? im new to poker so i want to use this to make sure i dont do anything to stupid while playing online, so i want to use one of these to help in my decisions until i get good at poker

admin answers:

Hands down best odds/equity calculator out there is pokerstove. It’s free to download at Easiest interface and instant results.

John asks…


i need a free easy to use calculator that can determine odds of sucees of your hand in texas holdem
if its possible is there any calulator that gives odds againt oppoents card who are unknow……it gives u the chances of them having something in the 5 comunal cards (flop, turn and river) and detemine the lickylhood of the oppoents unknow cards beating ur hand
i also need it to be very quick to put in the cards so that i can do it real time

admin answers:

Lol.. Poker is not blackjack. People’s actions have implications for their hole cards. People’s playing style has an implication for what possible starting hands they might have. There is no calculator that will do any of this for you.

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