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Nancy asks…

Having a problem with ante game sit-n-go’s (read details please)?

I often play at play money sit-n-go’s to practice for real money ones. There’s obviously a huge difference between real money and play money which can be summarized in one word: maniacs. There are invariably at least 2 at every sit-n-go game I play. In a game with just blinds, I have no problem handling them. Just wait for the right hand and hit them with it. But in a game with antes, where the more you fold the more you bleed chips, I often run out of enough chips to make a stand. If there were just one maniac, I could call him down, but if there are 2 or three maniacs, it gets too expensive to go for long-shots. Any suggestions for how to handle this situation?
Momma Mia, like I said, I’m not talking about games with blinds that add antes in later stages (like Texas Hold Em, which was the example you gave), I’m talking about games with antes, like 7 Card Stud or Razz, where you’re paying antes from the beginning. In those kinds of games, you’re bleeding from the very beginning.
Poker Coach, I play real money as well. But at certain times, like if I notice a flaw in my game, or if I’m trying a new game or if I’m not „feeling“ my game but still want to play, I’ll go back to play money. Right now Omaha and Stud are my weaknesses, so I’m playing a lot of those for play money. Other games I play for real money.

admin answers:

I basically agree with sirkusrock…you cannot wait in play money tournaments as long as you can in real money, because someone in a play money tournament will have a trash hand more often than not, and you just have to be willing to call down with a weaker holding, because it is more likely to be good…now in a small real money tournament your strategy is correct as it stands, but in play money tourneys you have to widen your calling range pretty significantly

edit: i’m sorry i didn’t understand your question, i assume you are basically talking stud games then…well then it depends on the type of game that you are playing…in stud hi and stud 8 it’s difficult to open your starting hand range because there are few starting hands that are profitable even against a random hand, so i don’t think you are making a mistake in those games…in razz, however, you would need to open up pretty significantly, maybe getting involved with starting hands as weak as 10 lows, and for all games you need to be more willing to call down with weak holdings

Sandra asks…

What is a good online sit-n-go poker strategy to stick to?

admin answers:

Patience – don’t rise to the all-in donks early on unless you are getting really good pot odds with a premium hand (and even then, realize they WILL suck out on occasion – even pocket aces lose 30% of the time…)

Helen asks…

What casinos in the state of Pennsylvania offer sit n go (style) poker?

admin answers:

I’d be surprised if any did (I know Chester doesn’t, still haven’t tried the others). But once Parx and Sugarhouse have poker for a little while, that might change. A poker dealer at Parx told me the room has 60 tables (40 of which are walled off until legislation allows PA to have more than 20 poker tables in a casino), so if any are gonna have SnG’s, it would be Parx. I think he said November 3 is when the poker opens there. (But I doubt they’ll have SnG’s when it first opens.)

Linda asks…

looking for sit n go poker in Vegas?

hey everyone, i am looking to play some sit n go poker in Vegas. i was wondering if any one knew some hotels and what the buy in is.

admin answers:

Bellagio (Strip)
7-Card Stud: Hold-em: Omaha 8: Mixed Games (hi-lo, lo-ball, etc.), they spread from limit $4-$8 up to $30-$60 and no-limit up to $5-$10 or higher if they can get the players.

Caesars Palace (Strip)
Stud, Razz, Omaha, Hold ‚Em. The limits vary for games with the widest range for Hold ‚Em, but expect No Limit from $1-$2 and limit from $3-$6 on up. They even have some high-limit games when there is demand.

The Mirage (Strip)
They’ll pretty much deal anything, especially Omaha, Stud, and Hold ‚Em. There are limits in all ranges, including some low-limit, like $3-$6 Hold ‚em up to $200-$400 in the back room. Sometimes it goes even higher. The No-limit games range from $1/$2 to $5/$10 with buy-ins from $50-$1000 buy-in.

Binions (Downtown)
7-Card Stud $1-$5: Hold-em $23-$6 mostly: Omaha occasionally. They have no-limit, and other high-limit games on busy nights.

MGM Grand (Strip)
Texas Hold Em from $3-$6 up to some mid-level games for fixed limit. They also have several no-limit games available starting at $1-$2. They also say they deal stud, Omaha and mixed games, but mostly expect to find Hold’Em.


James asks…

What casinos in the state of Rhode Island offer sit n go (style) poker?

admin answers:

The „Play Master 4“ casino in Barrington offers sit n go poker.
I hope I could help you.

Greetings The Freak

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