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Joseph asks…

Odds of making the full house?

Game is Texas Holdem. This scenario actually happened at a mini tournament I was in while camping the other weekend.

I was heads up against an opponent who had about $350 in chips to my $250. I was small blind at $20 and he was big blind at $40.

I had pocket threes, he had 4 5 off suit.

Preflop: I raised it to $70 and he called. Pot at $140.
Flop was 2 3 6 rainbow.

I bet $50, he raised to $100, I went all in, he called.

I see I am a set of threes against 2 through 6 straight.

I wound up getting the full house and winning the tourney (for which I made $25 woo hoo!). What were my odds?

Please give me straight forward logic and don’t go to a poker calculator site. I already calculated it myself.

admin answers:

The easiest way to calculate this one is to figure out how many times you will miss.

Even though we didn’t know your opponents cards at the time, I will figure them into the equation.

On the flop a 2, 3, or 6 would have improved your hand to the best hand. This means 7 cards would have helped you. There 52 cards in the deck, we know what 7 of those cards are „33, 45, 236“. These 7 cards subtracted from 52 equals 45 other possible cards to come on the turn. We subtract the 7 cards that will improve your hand to the best hand and we come up with 38 cards that do not improve your hand to the best. After the turn you now have a 2, 3, 6 or another of the same rank of the turn card to improve your hand to the best. So after the turn you have ten outs that will win the hand for you. There will be 44 other possible cards that could come on the river minus ten cards that give you a full house or quads. 34 cards do not help you on the river. We miss the turn 38/45 times and miss the river 34/44 times. Multiply these together and you know how often you won’t get a full house or four of a kind. 1,292/1980 is what you should come up with. This is how many times you will miss. Subtract 1,292 from 1980 to get the number you need to find out how many times you catch a boat or quads. This comes out to 688/1980. You catch your cards to win every 688 times out of 1,980. Just divide the top number by two to come out to a close percentage. You will win the hand about 34% of the time.

Note that I didn’t bother to calculate the times that the turn and river came 45 to give you two a split. To calculate getting cards on both the turn and river all you have to do is multiply the chances of the event occuring on the turn by the chances of the event occuring on the river. There will be a 4 or 5 come on turn 6/45 and the card need to give the board a straight 2 to 6 will come 3/44. So 18 times out of 1,980 you will split the pot. This gives you about one percent chance to split the pot.

So the answer is about 34% chance to scoop and about 1% to split the pot.

Betty asks…

In poker the odds for ak vs any pocket pair?

I just went at and I used their calculator and found out that qq vs ak was 56.55% 43%.. Is this right? I thought they were suppose to be near coinflips.. Cause thats what I always hear on t.v when those 2 hands go against each other, even against any pocket pair the pockets will have a 3-5% advantage.. If I knew this earlier I would never again go allin with ak…

admin answers:

22 is such a small advantage over AK that if the AK is suited then IT has the advantage. As the pairs get higher their advantage goes up, all the way up to QQ at 56.5%. The reason that small pairs are less valuable is because sometimes the board will contain two larger pairs, which makes the small pair useless.

Going all-in with AK often uses a theory known as „fold equity“. Suppose you have AK and someone raises with a pair of 10’s. If you just CALL, you have about a 48% chance of winning. If you go all-in, you have that 48% PLUS the chance of your opponent folding. If you think that he has a 10% of folding his 10’s, then that means that you NOW have a 58% chance of winning the hand. So as you can see, although it’s probably not correct to go all-in with AK every time, there certainly are times when it will turn a hand with a losing advantage into a winning hand.

Ken asks…

I have an ODDS question. and I lost my calculator?

5 people are seated at a poker table playing Texas Holdem. your using a single deck of cards, Ace thru King no jokers. Each player is dealt 2 cards. what are the odds of one player being dealt a pair of aces and another player being dealt a pair of Kings on the first 2 cards?


admin answers:

In the absence of a direct mention whether
EXACTLY one player each or AT LEAST one player each
is to get a pair of aces & a pair of kings,
i am assuming it is the latter,
as in common parlance, EXACTLY wd always be mentioned
whereas AT LEAST is often omitted

PROBABILITY of such an event occurring

= 4C2*4C2*48C2*46C2*44C2 / (52C2*50C2*48C2*46C2*44C2)

= 4C2*4C2 / (52C2*50C2)

= 36 in 1,624,350

= 6 in 270,725

so ODDS are 270,719 : 6 against

James asks…

Poker (hold’em)……………?

The poker calculator,…Is it helpful, is it a distraction, does it work when playing multi tables. Or is it just a gimmick, And do you guys with more experiences use one or have you Ever used one???
Thanks for your help guys just tryin to get better, and i have to.
Startin to think more bout odds, Which lead to more ?’s. But that will 2morrow…

admin answers:

Poker Calculator is helpful only i you are new to the game and still learning the methods of poker game. This way you can boost a little your gaming speed. But if you are a good poker player and got a good experience in poker then you shouldn’t use any poker tracker or poker calculator. Then you should use your mind to play the game.

William asks…

Programming Problems?

I want to mess about with poker odds calculators etc and i was just wondering what the best program to use would be and where could i download it.. i have Studio 2003 and VB 6.. Ani codes or samples would be great 2 thanks!!

admin answers:

You may not find readymade VB code for poker, may be you can contact a VB expert, check websites like

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