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Maria asks…

I want to sign up to an online poker room and i was wondering which is the best one

i would say i am an intermediate poker player and i am looking for a site that has good low limit Sit N‘ Go’s and MTT’s as i prefer to play tournament rather than cash. I want a site that has alot of fish! and it doesn’t have to be open to US players. Does anyone have any sites they reccomend. I currently play at titan poker but want a change

admin answers:

Fishes- Betfair poker. Its completely oriented for sportsbetting so in the poker room there are weak players. You can find more info about Betfair at
Also this is safe and secure site. IT won QUeens Award for Innovations 2 times.

Laura asks…

Did any of you Make any Real Money in Online Poker?

have you made any decent amount?
What did you find best? Cash games? Sit n Go’s? what stakes?
How did you start out? Any piece of advice you can give me?

admin answers:

Yes, of course you can make real money. Chris Moneymaker qualified for the WSOP in a satellite event years ago. There are thousands of satellite events online along with other types of gameplay (Sit n Go’s, cash game, etc). If you play at a reputable online poker room, you will be playing with legit software. They make their money from raked hands. They are not going to take a chance cheating you. Stick with the reputable poker rooms.

Nancy asks…

Do online poker companies cheat to steal scores more than they make from rake alone?

i always lose online at poker.con / carbon poker etc etc
with great hands !

my best hand today was a straight
and i lost to a flush on hand 16

24/7 like that online
in this tourney 3 timess the flop had 3 suited cards (in 16 hands).
twice the 4th suited came on the turn.

the odds of all 3 cards being the same suit on the flop is 1 in 20.

( not online, if random. online is NOT random )

this year i got a check from tiger poker. it bounced.

—-$5 sit n go ———————
Starting Hand #16243475-16
euhein is the Dealer
Shuffling Cards
traxxis Posted Small Blind 25
DonAttelloV2 Posted Big Blind 50
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Ah, 2h)
TinkerMyBell1 Folds
MikeHub Calls 50
suebugs44 Calls 50
SageTraffic Folds
terrygo> 3 star players seem to always get the house beeting a flush with luck
terrygo Calls 50
bigdan30 Folds
euhein Folds
DonAttelloV2> i suggest you stop with playing poker
terrygo> often lucky rivers when all in and only a 20% chance to hit
traxxis> zzz
terrygo> i cant withdraw
traxxis Folds
DonAttelloV2 Checks
Dealing Flop (Ts,Qs,Kd)
traxxis> zzz
DonAttelloV2> when you believe that crap
DonAttelloV2 Checks
MikeHub Checks
suebugs44 Bets 50
terrygo Calls 50
DonAttelloV2 Folds
MikeHub Folds
Dealing Turn (4d)
suebugs44 Bets 50
terrygo Calls 50
Dealing River (Js)
suebugs44 Bets 200
terrygo All In
suebugs44 Calls 995
terrygo Shows (Ah, 2h)
suebugs44 Shows (5s, As)
suebugs44 Wins 2,815 from Pot 1 with : Flush Ace High

golden rivers online for action and addiction!

admin answers:

It doesn’t really make sense what you are suggesting.

Even the sites that have been caught cheating have generally been with an individual cheating for personal gain (or a group of such individuals).

I’ve never seen a confirmed story where the software itself is rigged to give bad beats.

Remember that in cash games the goal of an online poker site is to have people play for as long as possible, since they get a rake on very pot. The quicker you bust out, the less rake you are paying. The perfect scenario for a site is for nine people like you to sit at a table and all do equally well (each person winning 1/9th of the time). This way they would make the maximum rake. If you bust out in the first give minutes and stop playing, you are no longer paying rake.

Especially given the legal issues with American play, it is certainly the goal of any decent poker site to prove they are trustworthy. They don’t need to be having their clients scared off.

Anyway, let’s look at the hand you posted.

You limp with A2 suited. Which is not a great play, but I guess if you felt you could see a cheap flop.

You miss the flop, yet still call a bet. You have only four outs at this point, which you hit maybe 16% of the time. So I have to question what you were hoping for here, other than the miracle of one of the four outs (even though one of those outs puts a flush draw out there). Which means to be really safe you are drawing to just three outs, or 12%.

Your jack on the turn is the one card you don’t want to see. The one that puts a flush draw out there. Someone with the nine of spades how has an open ended straight flush draw. Someone with the ace of spades now has a nut flush draw, and a straight already. Any other ace has you tied. Not great.

Someone bets out and you move all in. That’s a horrible move here. Three spades out there, the chance of another coming on the river (in case they only have one spade). Most of the time you are called here, you are beaten or are going to tie. The three spades should have you concerned.

Sure enough, the opponent has the nut flush and you are drawing dead on the river.

So you played a junk hand, ignored the fact you missed the flop (having three safe outs isn’t really a great situation and you were not getting the pot odds to call really). You hit the second best hand, and pushed all in, ignoring the flush draw or potential flush out there.

In conclusion, you played a very speculative hand, you got married to it, and you were unable to let it got, costing you your entire stack. Then you blame the site for your bad play? Seriously?

Sandra asks…

As anyone won big at online poker , and whats the most youve won,?

And how , sit n go;s tournaments etc, And what blinds to start building up money,

admin answers:

The most I’ve ever won was about $3000 in a single tournament. It was nearly 2 years ago and I haven’t come close since. I have won or final tabled many smaller tournaments, but they paid a lot less. If I hadn’t withdrawn most of that big win, I’d likely be behind.

There are a lot of different approaches to tourney play. Some people like to get a big stack early on, others find it works better for them to grind their stack up slowly and limit their risks. Basically, though, you have to get lucky several times during any long tourney. And there is no way to tell anyone when that hand comes that will be very lucky or very unlucky for them. I usually bust out of tourneys with AA,, AK, KK or QQ. And if I double up, it’s often with a lucky lesser hand against such hands.

There is no easy solution to the problem. You can tell if you are getting the hang of it if your ITM % (In The Money) and your ROI % (Return on Investment) are rising. Really good tournament players will have ITM% of about 15% (meaning they do not cash 85% of the time) — and they will often get deep when they do cash.

Thomas asks…

Which kind of table is more difficult to cash in at?

a medium-stakes game with a high payout field (say around 30%) or a low-stakes game with a low payout field (say less than 20%).

I’m talking about poker tournaments/sit-n-go’s.

admin answers:

That’s a good question…i don’t think the difference in skill level between „low stakes“ and „medium stakes“ games is enough to make the case for it being the low-stakes tourney with 20% of the field paid…even in a „medium stakes“ tourney you still have your share of donkeys in them, so i think the answer is definitely the first tournament, with 30% of the field paid

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