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Laura asks…


How much money can you have in one pokerstars account before it won’t hold any more? I am talking about play money. Right now I have about 2 million. Will it keep adding up or will it finally reach a limit.

admin answers:

Im sorry, Im not answering your question. I just want to know what the first guy is complaining about. By your stories Pokerstars doesnt cheat. They gave you two winning hands. If you folded a full house you need to stop playing poker and go play uno. Ad far as the odds of somebody getting two full houses in a row, that happens all the time. Anything can happen with the cards. Ive been flopped both quad aces, and a royal flush. Sometimes crazy stuff happens. I guess I just dont see why you are complaining.

To the writer of this question. Play in the real money area. Work your way up and above all have a good time. Poker should always be fun even if your loosing.

Susan asks…


I need to know how to get more money, well fake money on pokerstars with a cheat, can u help PLEASE?

admin answers:

There is no cheat. But if you join you can try all the latest features out and play for play money. You can then send your play money to the main web site at a 2:1 conversion rate. That is your ‚fee‘ for beta testing the new features.

Nancy asks…

pokerstars ??????????????????

will pokerstars accept a visa gift card since it is still a visa card?
LOL sorry man ill pick u this time lol thanx

admin answers:

So even after accepting that cheating mumbo jumbo as the best answer about Stars the other day you still want to make a deposit LOL just kidding. They will accept the gift card just like any other visa but if you are in the US the only one that will work is the All Access Visa „the rest are fiterd to decline gambling transactions“ you can buy it or find a store near you that carries it at For more info. On this go to

Carol asks…


hey i love pokerstars and recently been playing alot i wonder if any1 on this site woudl like 2 lend em some chips on it??? let me know if ur willing 2 and ye il llet u know my username etc.

admin answers:

If you’ve recently been playing a lot, and now you need a loan, you probably aren’t very good. Why should I loan you money when you won’t repay me?

And play chips are free.

Joseph asks…

What happens when my pokerstars echeck deposit is declined?

I deposited in my pokerstars account with echeck but the bank account linked to the pokerstars account is closed? I won some money using those funds. What happens to deposited funds with pokerstars, what happens with the bank, and the money I won?

admin answers:

If you live in the US, this might be your problem, since it is illegal.

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