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Susan asks…

poker hand odds pre flop suited 6-4 vs unsuited k-9?

my work wont let me open a poker odds calculator it keeps blocking it, can someone help me out? thanks

admin answers:

If both of the K9 suits are different than the 6-4 suit, the K9 is 59.675% to win and the 6-4 is 40.325% to win.

Paul asks…

Do you regard the use of poker odds calculators during play as cheating?

admin answers:

You talking for online poker, right?. No, knowing your outs/odds/pot odds is a must do. If you don’t know how to calculate them, you can use a poker calculator.

Take care

Lisa asks…

What are the odds of landing a pair with a A-K pre-flop in texas hold’em?

I’ve come up with about 38.2% but a poker odds calculator I found claims it is ~44%. Work on how the answer was found would be appreciated.
hiphopqueen_87, naturally the game only involves one deck… Also, the number of players doesn’t matter because it doesn’t affect the fact that there are 50 possible cards when you are doing the math. Also your math is horribly wrong and overly simplified.

roses89129, that website has absolutely nothing to do with my question. Also, just tossing me a random number does not really help…

admin answers:

It depends on how many people are playing at the time, or how many decks are being used. Say if only 2 people were playing so that means 1 deck is used. This means there is a 1 in 52 chances of landing a pair of eigther Kings or Aces.

Steven asks…

holdem poker odds?

I was dealt Q 10 of clubs the yesterday at a casino and flopped royal flush. What are the odds on this? Is it the same as AK suited to a royal? 19,599 to one? also anyone know a poker calculator that allows you to calculate specific hole cards to possible hand odds? Oh yeah,I played the hand well and suck 2 people in to the end and there is a jackpot for royal flushs at this casino for $425(had to brag)

admin answers:

WHoOOO!!! Nice Hand, you lucky dog! Yeah the odds are the same if you have 2 cards to the royal in hand, because you still have to get exactly the three remaining cards to win. AK would of course have better odds to win overall, but your chances to hit the royal are the same as TQ JQ KJ KQ at least before the flop.

Sets and Bets

Didn’t read the whole question, there is pretty good odds calculator at

Robert asks…

Poker odds on this hand?

Seat #1 – K 10 hearts

Seat #2 – QQ but no hearts

Flop – 2 4 10 (2,4 are both hearts)

Assuming all 9 hearts are still live and both remaining 10’s and all 3 kings are left. That is 14 outs remaining.

What are the odds on who will win this hand.
I thought you times your outs by 4 on the flop to see what the percentage is.

I did a poker calculator and it said it was 51-49. That is quite a gap from 56-44 like I had thought. Did I do something wrong in my calculations or is poker calculator trying to pull a fast one on me. I know the 4x method isn’t exact but I thought it was within 1-2 percent at worst.

admin answers:

More like 60% for queens to hold up

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