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Ruth asks…

Where can I find online poker cash game stats?

I know Sharkscope has stats for sit-n-goes, and Official Poker Rankings has stats for multi-table tournaments. But, I was trying to find a site (besides PokerEdge) that will give you the statistics of cash games.

admin answers: provides full tracking of all of the high stakes cash games. Other than this you will probably have to rely on pokertracker for stats

Mark asks…

How can I find a good online poker coach?

I want to take my online poker game to the next level, and I think it’s time to get a coach.
As you know, there are tons of people who claim to be poker coaches,
How do I know they are not just gonna throw some things they learned from a book at me and take my money?
How do I select the best coach for the best price?
I play Sit N Go Tournaments.

admin answers:

Try having a good coach which will teach you all the basics and the new and advanced methods. But instead try your game on free online casino provider sites also, like FullTilt Poker and PokerStars but on their .NET domains. As the .COM domains are the real money games provider sites.

An free online poker site will become a best coach at best price.

Read the reviews of some good poker rooms at

Lisa asks…

How can i get play money chips on poker stars?

I am looking for a way to get several chips on poker stars any suggestions,tricks that i can do to get enough to play in a 81k sit n go?
NOTE i am terrible at holdem and new so i rarely get over 5k, but i would like to play in a large sit n go and i dont have money to buy them please help ty

admin answers:

If you can’t get over 5k in chips you have no business entering into an 81k sit n go. Just work on improving your game and the chips will come.

Sharon asks…

Is becoming a proffesional poker player a good idea?

As a 22 y.o. in vegas i have a huge interest in poker, i play on alot of websites for real money, not too much, but play alot of sit n go tourneys and regular tourneys, i also play alot at casinos here in vegas, do you think that playing in the proffesional level is the next step after knowing that i have a skill at this?

admin answers:

As you already know your talking about a very competitive, mentally and physically challenging career.but that didn’t stop Tiger Woods.
If you think you can do it and have the self discipline.I say go for will never have to look back and say“I sure wish I had done that when I was young“.

Lizzie asks…

How do I build up some winnings on Online Poker?

Opened up a money account last week and put 20 pounds in to get me started. What sort of games are best to play to build up cash? Cash games with small blinds? 1/2 pound/dollar sit n go’s or maybe 3/4 pound/dollar tournaments? I actually prefer playing the smaller cash sit n go’s espiecally the quicker games where decision times are less and blinds increase after a few hands or a couple of minutes. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

admin answers:

Providing you are a good player…..

It is much harder to build up a large bankroll in quicker games. Such games give poor players a greater chance of winning due to the rapidly increasing blinds.

In longer games experienced players can take their time and will on average make more money.

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