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Susan asks…

where is the best poker in las Vegas?

hey everyone, i am going to Vegas soon and i am looking to play some sit n go tourneys. i don’t want to spend a lot of money on this… where is a good place to go that is not really expensive to play?

admin answers:

Bellagio (Strip)
7-Card Stud: Hold-em: Omaha 8: Mixed Games (hi-lo, lo-ball, etc.), they spread from limit $4-$8 up to $30-$60 and no-limit up to $5-$10 or higher if they can get the players.

Caesars Palace (Strip)
Stud, Razz, Omaha, Hold ‚Em. The limits vary for games with the widest range for Hold ‚Em, but expect No Limit from $1-$2 and limit from $3-$6 on up. They even have some high-limit games when there is demand.

The Mirage (Strip)
They’ll pretty much deal anything, especially Omaha, Stud, and Hold ‚Em. There are limits in all ranges, including some low-limit, like $3-$6 Hold ‚em up to $200-$400 in the back room. Sometimes it goes even higher. The No-limit games range from $1/$2 to $5/$10 with buy-ins from $50-$1000 buy-in.

Binions (Downtown)
7-Card Stud $1-$5: Hold-em $23-$6 mostly: Omaha occasionally. They have no-limit, and other high-limit games on busy nights.

MGM Grand (Strip)
Texas Hold Em from $3-$6 up to some mid-level games for fixed limit. They also have several no-limit games available starting at $1-$2. They also say they deal stud, Omaha and mixed games, but mostly expect to find Hold’Em.


Lizzie asks…

In poker, are you taxed on all winnings or just profits?

Say I were to play some sit n go’s and I ended up breaking even after around 10 sng’s. Would you have to pay taxes on the money you won on each sit n go or is it only on overall profit ?

admin answers:

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Sharon asks…

What is the best no limit texas holdem poker system for friendly games with friends?

We play no limit texas holdem as a group of friends a few times a month, about 8-10 around the table normally. Play is pretty lose, but most people seem to know what they are doing. I’m wondering if anybody has a proven system of play that consistent takes the money home? =) We normally play for $5 each a game, then have 1st/2nd/3rd prizes… it is like a „sit n go“ type of game, everybody gets 800 worth of chips for the start of each game.

admin answers:

I recommend reading Phil Hellmuth’s poker book called Play Poker Like the Pros. Basic strategy comes down to only playing the top hands (any pair, AK, AQ) preflop and then calculating your odds after the flop comes down. When you have the best hand make sure to bet so that a hand that may be drawing for a flush or straight instead folds.

Nancy asks…

best online poker book?

i have recently begun playing online poker and i am doing ok. but was wondering what the best book is for learning more on online poker, especially sit n go tournaments?

I have looked at reviews and forums and have narrowed it down to „Harrington on Hold ‚em“ or Phil Gordon’s Little Green book“. Which is best and easiest to read?

Any help would be appreciated

admin answers:

I have an extensive library of poker books and have read both of these. In terms of improving your game, Harrington on Hold’em is far superior. It gives a plethora of hands to play through, teaches you the correct way to think, and shows Harrington would analyze the situation to compare his thought process to your own.

However, just so you’re aware, Harrington on Hold’em (you want Volume 1 if only purchasing one book) does not touch on sit and goes in much detail. He breifly mentions them, but the bulk of the tournament series is dedicated to play in large field tournaments.

With that said, the book will still help you improve your game and give you excellent information. Little green book is not with it’s charm, but Harrington will give you more bang for your buck.

Steven asks…

How many poker chips have I earned in

Im trying to figure out to how many chips i have won throughout my whole time of playing pokerstars and i dont really know how. can anyone help me?
(also if u know how i could look at how many sit n go’s i have won)

admin answers:

Hitting the „Cashier“ button will tell you the current amount of play money chips you have. As far as knowing the # of SnGs you won, you’re out of luck there, PokerStars doesn’t bother with long-term bookkeeping of play money statistics.

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