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Ken asks…

where can I find a good free calculator for Party Poker??? I dont want to pay for software or lisence.?

I am also aware that there are some that make you join with their bonus code, but i already have accounts with poker sites.
Just want a good free poker odds calculator. Preferably automatic.

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Mandy asks…

High-end poker odds calculator software?

Looking to buy some software… I was looking at Calculatem Pro and Poker Office 5. What’s your recommendations, input? Which one is better? Are there any better options?

admin answers:

Calculatem Pro is a good odds calculator. If you’d like, go to where you’ll find reviews and free trials for the top poker odds calculators to help you decide wcich one you’d like to purchase.

Daniel asks…

Is there a free texas hold ‚em odds calculator for online poker?

Is there anything free, no strings attached? Has anything been cracked successfully?

admin answers:

Yes, for hold ‚em and omaha…

Go to

Michael asks…

Free poker odds calculator?

Does anyone know name for free software which use would be calculating odds in % on flop and pre-flop or like texas calculatem but free?


admin answers:

Pokerstove can be downloaded for free. Just type it in your search engine, 🙂

You should also look at Sharkscope, for MTT’s & sit/go’s, & PTR poker table ratings for cash games,

These are also free, & useful learning tools, you will also be able to check out your opponents,

Good luck

Papa =]

Donna asks…

Free ( I mean FREE ) poker odds calculator, I can download, can’t get britepoker to work?

all i can find are free , then you have to open an account and make a deposit. please help?

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