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Sandra asks…

What casinos in the state of New York offer sit n go (style) poker?

admin answers:

Call them up and find out.

John asks…

How do you fell about the $3.30 T$ Sit n Go on certain online poker site that Calvin Ayre owns?

admin answers:

You mean Bodog? They are a much better deal than on some other sites that charge more juice for the cheaper SNGs. I’m not a big SNG fan myself, but if you are going to play a cheap one 3 +.3 is a good deal.  Bodog is generally a pretty good site to play on. Have you had a bad experience with them or something?

Paul asks…

Has any poker players out there used Sit-N-Go Domination?

Im thinking about buying it but i want to know if it’s worth the money. Also if you have had success with a different poker software let me know.

admin answers:

Can’t say i have used it but party poker is pretty good poker software its free too!

Mark asks…

Why do some players have cash in front of them at a sit n go table on poker after dark?

admin answers:

The cash still just represents tournament chips, but the idea was probably that it looks “cooler” than chips. It is a fairly obvious attempt to mimic High Stakes Poker. What having cash out there does, unfortunately, is confuse first time viewers who were pretty sure they were supposed to be watching a tournament, but then see paper money on the table.

George asks…

on pokerstars whats the diff between double or nothing sit n go and…?

the new 50/50 sit and go tournys..they both have 10 people on them and the cash is split down the middle…..other then double or nothing being turbo they’re the same…or not?

admin answers:

In double or nothing tournaments, you double you money when you win. For example, in a $5+.20 tournament, if you win you get $10.

In the Fifty50 tournaments, you essentially get your money back, plus an additional sum that is proportional to how many chips you have left. So in a $5+.30 Fifty50, you get $5 plus 16 cents for every 100 chips you have. So, if you finished the tournament with 5,000 chips, you’d get $5 + (5,000/100)x.16 = $5 +$8 = $13.

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