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Linda asks…

Poker Strategy for two player texas hold em?

I have been playing online sit n go hold em tournaments for the last three days and am starting to get the hang of things. I have been placing second or third almost every time. My question is what is a good strategy when it comes down to you and one other player…playing tight will not work well any more as the blinds are too high…any pointers on what style of play is recommended when you have made it down to 2 players?

admin answers:

I’m very aggressive when I play head-to-head. I make my initial bet 2.5-5 times the big blind if my opponent simply checks or calls the blind. If he bets, I at least double it. I do this regardless of what is in my hand. My bets on the flop and turn are at least half the pot. I usually go all-in on the river if I DON’T think I have the better hand, but don’t think my opponent has a good hand either. If I think I have a real good hand, I usually just bet the pot.

Most of all, do NOT get emotional. Just because you lost a hand, don’t try for the „revenge“ bets. Emotion in poker = losing.

Jenny asks…

what should i start off with on poker (online)?

i wanna know what is the best amount to deposit and what tables should i start at and when should i move to higher tables should i play sit n go’s or cash games ??

ive played poker for a while just messing around now i wanna get serious 🙂

admin answers:

This really depends on how significant money is to you and how many tables you plan on playing but here is an example.
You deposit 250 which gives 10 buyins to a nl25 cash game. You play 4 tables and if the money goes up to 500 you have 10 buyins to the nl50 and play 4 nl50. If your money falls back down to 250 you go back to the nl25. If you are playing 2 tables with 250 I would play 2 nl50 which has more variance than the 4 nl25. I have always taken slightly more aggressive approach and did this at 8 buyins instead of 10 without much trouble.

You could try taking a safer approach such as Chris Ferguson suggest.
He covers cash and sngs.
With his methods you have a small risk of ruin, but you can take a more aggressive approach because you should be able to deposit more money if necessary.

Lisa asks…

is there a website where you can find cash game results for onlinee poker?

i have seen sites that offer sit n go results,

admin answers:

Check this one out and see if it answers your question. Search the database for the person and you could be surprised what everyone knows.

Mary asks…

Is online poker rigged to addict people and steal as much money as possible?

i think yes

i play at most one small sit n go at carbon poker per day

last week i lost my big stack to the biggest stack who called my all in KK with 9 10 off suit!

todays loss was not quite that bad. but i often lost with my best hand of the day:

Starting Hand #15784136-33
cdmuir1 is the Dealer
Shuffling Cards
terrygo Posted Small Blind 75
tblack0586 Posted Big Blind 150
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (7d, 6d)
cdmuir1 Raised to 300
terrygo Calls 225
tblack0586 Folds
Dealing Flop (4c,Th,8d)
terrygo Checks
cdmuir1 Checks
Dealing Turn (Kh)
terrygo Bets 150
cdmuir1 Calls 150
Dealing River (9d)
terrygo Bets 750
cdmuir1 All In
terrygo Calls 1,905
cdmuir1 Shows (Jh, Qh)
terrygo Shows (7d, 6d) ————– > > low straight
cdmuir1 Wins 6,360 from Pot 1 with : King High Straight

another one last week:

Starting Hand #15708060-36
terrygo is the Dealer
Shuffling Cards
lordofgrav Posted Small Blind 50
Broncosfan7 Posted Big Blind 100
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (8c, 3c)
Cobinosh Folds
terrygo Raised to 200
lordofgrav Calls 150
Broncosfan7 Folds
Dealing Flop (3h,6h,3s)
lordofgrav Bets 200
terrygo Calls 200
Dealing Turn (Qh)
lordofgrav Bets 400
terrygo All In
lordofgrav All In
terrygo Shows (8c, 3c)
lordofgrav Shows (6s, 6c)
Dealing River (Qc)
terrygo Wins 932 from Pot 2 with : Full House – Threes over Queens
lordofgrav Wins 3,150 from Pot 1 with : Full House – Sixes over Queens

admin answers:

Poker sites don’t care who wins hands and it’s no real advantage to them who does. Picking some selected hands means nothing. I can’t believe you’re playing garbage like this – calling a raise with 83 and 76? I’m guessing you’ve laid as many bad beats as you’ve taken. You can’t ever win playing this badly though and there’s your problem.

King Cobra Poker

Sandy asks…

Websites I can poker legally underage for playmoney?

Hello Yahoo Answers,
I was wondering, do you guys know any websites I can play for play money legally while being 16,

Like Facebook, Pogo, Goodgamestudios etc.

I’d prefer the site having the option for Sit n Go’s.
Edit: I said like facebook, that means I already know about it…

admin answers:

There is a zynga game on facebook.

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