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Michael asks…

odds calculator that show how much to stake?

does anybody know of a bet calcultor where i put in the returns and odds . Then it tells me how much i need to. Any help appreciated . Thank you

admin answers:


I find this useful for any bet where i wanna see the returns. Also it answers your actual question unlike John W’s response.

Paul asks…

Where can i find free texas hold’em odds calculator while playing real money games?

admin answers:


shows odds if you know what the other player holds, only.

Charles asks…

I left my graphing calculator on the school bus. What are the odds of it being returned to me?

The bus was taking students home. The bus transports high schoolers first, then middle schoolers, then elementary schoolers. We also have a 3 day weekend. I’m a high schooler, so the calculator will have to make it through 2 loads of students without being stolen. What are the chances of it ending up with the bus driver who will be able to return it to me on Monday morning?

admin answers:

Very low about 20% at best

Donna asks…

Deal or no Deal Board Game and odds calculator?

Does anyone own this game and know how to calculate the odds… and whether or not it actually works?

I’m planning a birthday party and the theme of the whole party is around Deal or No Deal. I wanted to do a lifesize version, so the board games and video games really weren’t what I was looking for. I’ve pretty much got everything ready to go now, but I’ve had no luck finding a calculator that will calculate the odds correctly.

I read online that you add up the value or the remaining cases and then divide it by how many cases are remaining, but the offer ends up being way off. I found some calculators online, but they use the same method.

I want this to be as real as possible. I plan to buy the board game, I read it tells how to calculate, but was just curious if it really works because I will have to go out of town to get it and don’t want to waste my time if it really won’t work.

Thanks a million for any help!

admin answers:

Two methods: Add the value of the cases, multiply by .4 and round down to the nearest hundred dollars or make a offer about halfway between the lower 67 percent of the cases and the upper 33 percent.

William asks…

What to look for on odds comparison sites?

I have just started betting online. I use for advice, and someone said to use an odds comparison site. I have used this one so far and have found it really usefull, but was wondering what qualities / tools should we look for when choosing one? ie – the odds type converter / calculator has been useful cos I never understood fractions LOL!

admin answers:

Thats a great site and have recommended it to quite a few. It sone of the best out there and the downloads are pretty easy. Good luck in your sports betting endevors !!!

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