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George asks…

What is the best poker gambling site to play on?

I’ve heard that some sites are rigged in certain situations
(one being that they will have large hands hit eachother at the same time so that people will go out quicker). I didn’t believe it at first but I’ve been noticing it happening more than it should if it was random.

Anyways, paranoya aside, what seems to be a good site to play poker on?


admin answers:

Poker Stars is ok but Its so big you never know what kind of player your up against. I like smaller sites that are just getting started the players there seem to be easier. One is Bodogpoker. If your not in America, Partypoker is one of my favorites.

David asks…

What is the best site to play poker without downloading software?

I want to play poker, small money and free-rolls. I play on pitbull poker at the min. is there any other sites like this to play on where i do not have to download software?

admin answers:

Now you can with’s Instant Play. There’s no software to download – you can simply play real money poker from any computer with a browser.

Richard asks…

How can you claim your money back if a poker website closes your account?

If you despoit money into your poker account and win money but the poker team accuse you of cheating. Who can you contact to deal with this issue if the poker site does not want to open your account and return the money that you despoit and won??? Plus they are a internet base company?

admin answers:

If you are looking for the best poker site, i recommend this site

Ken asks…

What are the different ways of playing poker?

The ones I know of are Texas Holdem, 5 Card Draw and Seven Hand Poker. Are there anymore. What else do you need to know about poker? Can you give me tips on how to check if someone is bluffing?

admin answers:

Only with experience you will develope an instinct to pick up on bluffs.You have to watch the players habits and bet sizes.Do they check call draws or bet out draws.Do they always raise from the button.Do they slow play a flopped set.How often do they raise preflop.Studying these and other factors will help you put opponent on a range of hand.The range is not exact.For instance if a tight player raised preflop, and then called my reraise I would put him on a range of pocketpairs 10’s, J’s ,Q’s, AK ,AQ ,BUT NOT KK or AA. If he had AA KK I would expect a rereraise.
The flop,turn ,river give you more information.Analyse betting patterns, remember previous actions.Based on this if you get an unusual overbet.You got to think is he bluffing or has he trapped me.
Ofcourse you will not always be right,but as long as you are right most of the time,you will be profitable.
Check my blog for my experience #

If you are going to play online click on the fulltilt link on my blog.There are many freeroll games foir you to practice.No need to deposit cash.

Sandy asks…

What is the best poker advice you have for me?

I am planning on starting an online poker account with $50-$100 playing mainly Omaha and NLH. I was wondering what good advice you guys had and any references before I get started.

admin answers:

There are sites that will give you free money usually $50 to play with. Http:// is such a site they provide strategy articles, videos and live coaching sessions. It is free to join and they also provide a free $50 to start providing you can pass their poker quiz. If you are serious about getting good then this is an ideal place to start. They also offer rakeback as well. Their coaches are big winners in the online games.

However they do not accept US players you can try for more free cash providers that do accept US players.

If you still want to deposit your own money then get rakeback, it’s basically poker cashback on your play you can also get access to freerolls, try

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