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Mary asks…

Does anyone know of any online poker games?

Does anyone know of any online poker games where you play for free? I want to be able to play multiple different games without betting any real money, but earn poker chips instead. Does anyone know where I can find a game like this?

admin answers: – I would highly recommend pokerstars for playmoney poker. They have playmoney cash games and playmoney tournements ranging for heads up play(1 vs 1) to 180 person tourneys.

Another one is – This one is pretty alright too but I find pokerstars easier to use has more players that you can play with.

Paul asks…

Are there any really challenging poker games for computer or xbox?

I dont play real money online anymore because im chicken about the new laws and free roll games get irritating, so I have to go to drive 40 minutes one way to the nearest casino to find a decent game if im in the mood, and I dont l usually dont have the time to blow a whole afternoon or night. are there any hold’em or omaha computer/xbox games that have really good AI that is comparable to pretty decent poker players?

admin answers: has ranked rooms and you’re playing actual people.. Highly recommend if you’ve never tried. Free account setup and free to play

Maria asks…

What Are The Most Popular Poker Games In USA?

Hi, guys. I’m new to America and I wanna know what are the most popular poker games in America? Can you name a few?

And I’ve always seen on moives that Americans play a certain kind of poker game, in which people always say things like :“I’ll see your twenty“. Things like that ….What’s name of that game? And plz show me links to the introduction and rules of this game. Thanks a lot:)
Would also love to know other popular poker games(except Bridge). Thanks:)

admin answers:

The most popular game is definitely Texas Hold’em. It’s featured in all major casinos and is the feature game for the World Series of Poker, which you can see on ESPN. The link below should help you out a lot.


Carol asks…

What happened to the online casino video poker games????

I have not gone to Yahoo Games for a while and I miss the video poker games. Where are they??

admin answers:

Here’s some other sites for poker you might want to try. These sites dont ask you for money, you win points and possibly a $$$ amount if you’re really lucky.


and my fav: for excellent graphics.


Joseph asks…

What are the best online rooms to play poker cash games?

I am looking to play poker cash games online, I am just wondering what is the best cash game poker room in your view? Any idea?

admin answers:


In my view the best online poker room to play poker cash games at is Full Tilt Poker. Cake Poker is also a good choice, as well as the rooms of the Merge Gaming network. It is not easy to find a good online cash game room since there is a lot of choice!! I know!!

A website that I found lately is Poker Cash Game Pro, it is a site that was created with online poker cash game players in mind. There are a lot of detailed cash game poker room reviews, free poker bankrolls, cash game strategy articles, etc. There are more than 20 rooms to choose from with great information so you can make a wise choice. Rakeback is also explained so you can play poker cash games as profitably as you should (if you don’t know what it is). You should check this site out.

Good luck on your search for the best poker cash game room! 🙂


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