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Nancy asks…

How To Calculate Lotto Hotpicks Odds?

Can someone pls explain the formula to calculate Lotto Hotpicks odds. The online lottery odds calculator does not work for hotpicks. I have manage to find a website explaining the formula but I can not understand step 4.

admin answers:

Too complicated for me

Lizzie asks…

Where can i find someone to build me a personalised calculator?

This calculator has to be used to calculate odds as in singles doubles trebles accumulators etc,no need for add subtract multiply divide functions there anyone out there that can build these basic type hand held calculators? please help,i will listen to all suggestions.

admin answers:

Don’t spend your money on someone building you a personalized calculator man. Spend it on getting you laid!

Jenny asks…

College Admission Chances Calculator?

Can anyone give me a link to a good site for a college admission odds calculator? I’ve used one before but can’t remember that site. It should take a few things into consideration… any suggestions?

admin answers: has a counselor-o-matic search and at the end they recommend schools based on whether they are reaches, good fits, or safeties. has an actual admissions calculator you can use, and so does

Hope this helps!

Richard asks…

New York Quick Draw Odds?

I want to know or use an odds calculator to find the odds of New York quick draw *WITH* the multiplier odds factored in.

Or if anyone knows the frequency odds of the multipliers.

admin answers:

I don’t know how, but I have 2 things that I think are helpful.

#1 – the „Odds“ website. Below is a link that has the odds of the „Quick Draw“. Second is a link to a site which shows the odds of hitting any specific number of numbers given any amount of numbers played.

#2 – some important information. Quick Draw is the New York State Lottery’s version of Keno. Keno is usually the 2nd to the worst bet you can make. In casinos it typically has a house edge that varies between 28% and 38%. The only gambling game with worse odds than that is lottery tickets. THIS game, however, is worse than your typical Keno game in a casino!

Thomas asks…

why do some calculus classes ban calculator use?

My calculus class starts tomorrow and I’m not sure if it will, but could someone please justify this? I could understand like a ti89, but it’s kind of odd to ban calculators when a large portion of book problems require a graphing calculator/have a little calculator icon next to them to use it

admin answers:

I learnt calculus the old fashion way, that is, no calculator.
But let’s say it is allowed. There would be an ‚arms race‘ to get the best calculator in class.
After a while, it comes to an equilibrium point: every one is equal.

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