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Nancy asks…

How come pokerstars have 7 card stud games 8 handed?

i play 7 card stud hi lo on pokerstars and its 8 handed, but if everyone checks till the end that means there will be 56 cards in total since everyone has 7. But there’s only 52 in a deck. So I don’t get it?

admin answers:

If there isn’t enough cards in the deck to deal the last round of cards a community card is dealt instead.

Maria asks…

How can one use multiple accounts on Pokerstars / Full Tilt?

Is there any way to legally (or maybe not) use multiple screen names on either Pokerstars or Full Tilt? Thanks.

admin answers:

NO, the sites wont let you do it. How about one account on each site and play the game fairly?

Good luck at the table

Richard asks…

what poker sites are the most comparable to pokerstars or full tilt?

which poker sites are comparable to pokerstars and full tilt as far as how polished their software is and how easy to use they are etc?

admin answers:

I would go with ultimatebet or bodog and cake poker has pretty good size.. If you would like to see alot of poker room u could go here or

Michael asks…

Now that FBI just shutdown pokerstars, and placed restraining orders on their bank accounts?

Now that FBI just shutdown pokerstars, and placed restraining orders on their bank accounts? Does this mean I cant cashout the money I have in there?

admin answers:

I am wondering the same I had alot of loot and poker stars should have notified us.

Lisa asks…

How long did it take you to get your check from Pokerstars?

Please don’t tell me if you had your winnings deposited into your account via echeck, that doesn’t help. But if you received an actual paper money check from pokerstars, I’d greatly appreciate your info. as to how long apx. it took for you to receive it. I assume they are not sending from the U.S. maybe you could answer that too. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

My last cashout request was August 13th and the check came today (August 20th). Previous checks came faster, but they came from California and this one came from Canada. I live in Las Vegas.

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