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Donna asks…

Does have spyware ?

Does have spyware or anything of the kind?

admin answers:

Spyware-net says that its safe.

Lizzie asks…

Are and safe?

Are and safe? Which is better?

admin answers:

Safe for what?

At, there is no money involved, what are you worried about?

Helen asks… image question…?

Can you add/change an image on or is it only .com players that can add an image?

I see that the choice to add/change one is there but it is not clickable to me.

Oh and thank you in advance to those who answer my question. It is appreciated.
I have already on my computer at home.

admin answers:

Isn’t the .net and .com the same company and the same software??

Not sure why it’s not clickable, try emailing customer service. Also if it does start to work, it won’t be immediate. They do a review process for all player images. This usually takes a week.

Good Luck at the tables!

William asks…

does do real money because i cant find anything but play money?

admin answers:

You have to go to for real money. You can also try on of the subscription sites. It pays real money also.

You can play poker legally on It is sponsored by cardplayer magazine and if you use the code ACESFULL you can get a two week free trial. It pays real cash prizes when you win. They base it on sweepstakes laws.

You can also play blackjack and poker at, it will show you the prizes that you can play for. It does cost $20 month to join. If you register and enter this code WEC97XUK, it will give you two free weeks on their site. I have a paid membership there and I’ve won real cash there and they do pay.

Both sites are legal to play at in the USA.

Sharon asks…

Questions regarding

Is pokerstars net free and safe? I’m 17 and want to play. Do I have to be 18 to sign up?

admin answers: provides free poker games and is the largest and most well known online poker room in the world. is one of the largest fields of players online. During peak hours the room can easily see in excess of 100,000 players providing a playing field that is spread right across the board.

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