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Laura asks…

Has anyone studied vedic Mathematics? The Hindu Vedas math code?

I recently was told about this by a strange man in a cafe. He could do amazing mathematical operations inhis head quickly and accurately. I tested him out and I had a calculator to check. he claimed it was all due his knowledge of the mathematical secrets of the Vedas. I found it odd, but he gave me plenty of evidence as to his skills, so I tend to believe him. Anyone else know of this?

admin answers:

Not strictly Vedic math, but there numerous short cuts in ancient Indian tratises on math. I formula like this is extracting the square root by addition and subtraction.


Betty asks…

Is 3 to the power of 100 a even or an odd number?

Hi. im trying o practice my maths so i bought some maths papers to practice but im stuck on one question on a NO-CALCULATOR ALLOWED MATHS PAPER.
The question was is 3 to the power of 100 even or odd?
Explain your answer.
but i don’t know how to work it out so please if you know the answer or how to work it out please tell me.
Thanks x

admin answers:

3^1 = 3
3^2 = 9
3^3 = 27
3^4 = 81
3^5 = 243

see that at 3^5 we start back at the last digit = 3

the 3 power series has only 3, 9, 7 ,1 in the unit position so all its powers are odd

Linda asks…

HELP WITH MATH! please help!?

hi! i have this math assignment. its 50 questions 1- 50 odd only and i don’t understand 10 of them. this is so lame but last year i was awesome at this and now im so blank… i just want the solid answer please because showing you work for me can be confusing seeing all of these numbers but if you can just give me the solid answer i can work with that ok? thanks! so here’s 1 and 3 find the original sales price or retail price: 1. original price $45 percent discount: 15% #2. wholesale price:$130 percent markups: 100% #3. original price: $27.99 percent discount: 30% then # 7 and 9 find the commission. #7 is total sales: $400 percent commission: 8% #9. total sales $4520 percent commission : 6%
number 11 and 13 are find the profit. #11 income: $500 expenses: $120 #13 income $6850 expenses: $675

# 15. a Calculator that costs $130 is on sale for 20% off. what is the sale price?

#17. a whole sale delivery driver makes a 4.5% commission on the value of the product he delivers. find his commission for delivering a shipment that is worth $5650.

19. the wholesale price of a couch is $235. a store marks up the price by 169%. when the couch does not sell, the store offers a 20% discount. what was the retail price of the couch? what is the sale price of the couch?

please help! when you submit you answer put the answer like this and do NOT show you work

and thanks so much for reading and answering! it has been appreciated! XD

admin answers:

19.632.15 505.72

George asks…

Math question? Help??? The odd numbers 1-49…?

The odd numbers from 1 to 49 are multiplied together as follows.
1 x 3 x 5 x 7……………x 45 x 47 x 49

What is the second last digit in the answer to this calculation?

(I have no idea how to do this. I tried it on a calculator, nothing (bunch of e31 things.) Is there a trick to it? Please tell me how you found it.
1)Tell me HOW you go it

2)I did try to use my calculater
I wrote it exactly as it was written in my book.

I think there is some trick to it, but I have no idea.

I’m not askign you to multiply them all together, just to help me figure out how i am supposed to find the second last digit.

admin answers:

Remember that 47 x 49 is the same as (40+7) x (40+9). Also, multiplying a 0 will result in a 0. So you could essentially remove the tens place of all the numbers and only multiply the 1 place.

In the example above 47×49=2303. The last number is 3.
Remove the tens place and multiply 7×9=63. The last number is 3.

Given this information you could multiply out only the 1’s positions.
So, for each tens position you have: (ones, teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s)
1x3x5x7x9 x 1x3x5x7x9 x 1x3x5x7x9 x 1x3x5x7x9 x 1x3x5x7x9 =

BTW the answer to your original question is:

I had to break up the number due to length and the way Yahoo handles it.

Use the window’s calculator to have answers large enough to handle that problem.

Nancy asks…

Yr 7 Math Questions?

I have two math questions I need answered please!

1. A fruit market sells oranges in three different types of bags. A bag of 10 oranges for $2.40, a bag of 12 oranges for $2.76 and a bag of oranges for $3.75. How can I find out which bag has better value without using a calculator?

2. How can you find a quick way of adding all the odd numbers up to 99?

Answers are much appreciated. 🙂
SorryThe bag that cost $3.75 has 15 oranges.

admin answers:

For a hint, the cost of one orange from the first bag is 24c, the second bag contains 2 more oranges for an extra cost of 36c, which means that each of the extra 2 oranges in the second bag costs 18c, which makes the second bag has better value. The third bag contains 3 more oranges for a cost of 99c, or 33c per orange. The second bag is still more value.
The quickest way i might think of is this: odd numbers here are somewhat ’symmetric‘. 99 and 1, 97 and 3, each pair adds up to 100, up until 51 and 49. So you just need to know how many odd number between 1 and 49 (or 51 and 99). In each ‚tail‘, there are 25. 25 pairs of numbers that add up to 100. Therefore the sum is 2500

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