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Sharon asks…

How can I turn a poker top into a poker table?

I have a 52″ octagon poker top that I would like to turn into a poker table, but don’t know how. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how to do it?

admin answers:

Really I think the easiest thing would be to find a fold-down round table about that size and just glue the thing to the top.

Paul asks…

How do conservatives feel about the recent crack down on online poker?

I am a conservative and I am curious as to how other conservatives feel about online poker. I, myself had enjoyed playing poker online. I just don’t see why the DOJ under a liberal President and AG decided to go after online poker. Was this just a money grab?

admin answers:

If you can’t tax it, kill it,that’s the government way.

Mark asks…

What are the arguments that poker is a game of chance?

Many courts have decided that poker is a game of chance. Doesn’t the fact that there are long term winners like Phil Ivey mean its a game of skill?

admin answers:

It is skill that helps you win, but you can’t control which cards you will be given. Quack!

Richard asks…

What if the last two poker players are holding two Aces a piece?

In a game of regular poker, what if the last two in the game are both holding two Aces a piece ? Yeah it would never happen. But what if it were the case ?

admin answers:

They would go all in, most likely chop the pot, and then deal out the next hand.

Donald asks…

How would you rate the poker play during the day on weekdays in casinos?

Its raining and im bored, and im in the mood for some poker. ive never played during a weekday, what type of players typically play from about 12-5 on weekdays? good/bad? im thinking maybe a lot of retired people?
or is it all weird addicts with no jobs?

admin answers:

It all depends on where you play, they can rate on any day or time from very good, to very bad. The time of the day does not matter, but for the most-part it is a lot of tourist and a few locals who play. I deal poker and i see no difference in the people who come out. The only thing is that there might not be as many people on a weekday in the early hours of the day, but the kind of people who play is the same.

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