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Laura asks…

What is the legal minimum age to play poker?

I know that in the UK and the USA you have to be at least 18 to play poker online but is this is the case worldwide? Is there anywhere that allows 16 year olds to play online poker

And what about private home games. Is it legal to hold a small cash game consisiting of players under 18 if its done in the privacy of someones own home?

admin answers:

It really depends on the state (US) you are currently in. If you want to see the list of minimum legal age to gamble you can see it here

The only 16 year old allowed that I saw there is playing bingo.

Some casinos could be exempt (like Indian casinos) – it is unclear whether the state imposed limit is enforced in these gambling facilities.

„The problem is that even lawyers would find it difficult to say precisely what their local law is on the minimum age to play poker on the internet.

Take California, for example. The State Penal Code makes it a crime to allow anyone under 18 to „play at a game of chance,“ in „any house used in whole, or in part, as a saloon or drinking place.“ But, tribal casinos almost always limited poker to 21-year-olds, because the statetribal compacts allows 18-year-olds to play only when no booze is available. The state’s licensed cardrooms also won’t seat anyone under 21. The State Legislature recently enacted a law allowing charities to run poker tournaments; again, the minimum age was set at 21.“ – according to this article

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Michael asks…

What exactly is a professional poker player?

I was talking with a new co-worker and she told me that her boyfriend is a professional poker player. I’ve never heard that before. Everyone that I know who plays poker does it once a week or once a month for fun. I asked her if he plays every day and she said yes. He’s 21 years old. I asked if he pays taxes on his winnings like employees do on wages and she said, „well, waitresses don’t claim all their tips.“

Can anyone give me an overview of a career as a professional poker player since I’m clueless? How do they find work? How much do they make? What are the possitives & negatives of such a career? Is it something someone can do their whole life?

admin answers:

I play poker for a living, online and live, and it’s a tough job, but I love it.

Yes a poker player pay taxes, we find work online 24/7, in casinos 24/7, you must be able to manage your bankroll correctly. Play poker take a lot from you, hours and sometimes travel, if you’re single ok, but I’m married and very lucky to have a wife who stand by my side and support my choice 100%.
Many players refuse to accept that poker is a difficult and complex game and it requires a lot from them!
You must do the hard work needed to win!

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Take care

John asks…

What is the best online poker website to play?

Also I live in Utah, is it illegal to play online poker for money?

admin answers:

I have played on Full Tilt, Poker Stars, Absolute Poker, Cake Poker, and Pokerroom (when they allowed US players). My favorite site by far is Full Tilt. I have never had problems cashing out either and I have done it several times (you do have to verify your identity the first time though). The most common way that people put money on is with pre paid Visa cards. My roommate was able to put money on with his debit card, but I was unable to. Full Tilt also offers a 100% sign up bonus (up to $600), just use the referral code SIGNUPMONEY send me an email if you have any more questions

Charles asks…

How long do the cheaper poker tournaments usually last in Las Vegas?

I am visiting Las Vegas in two weeks with some friends and I am wondering how long the cheaper ($30 to $50) poker tournaments last? The answers I’ve seen on here and other places say between 4 to 6 hours. I’m looking for something that will only take a few hours at the most.

Any fun gambling recommendations?

admin answers:

They vary a lot. Usually the more the buy in is, the longer they last.

Small tournaments at Bill’s or Excalibur are usually 1-3 hours.

Donna asks…

How much does Full Tilt Poker charge to play with real money?

Does anyone know how much they charge to play with real money on full tilt poker site? Do they charge you when you transfer funds to bank? Do they take a cut from each pot? How does it work?

admin answers:

They dont charge when you transfer funds from a bank, but yes they charge a small cut from each pot, but you hardly notice. I think Full Tilt is the best online poker site going around, especially for new players because of their poker school and and their micro low limits (1cent and 2 cent blinds).
They also have great bonuses for new players including the 100% deposit bonus for new players (deposit $50 and get $50 free! Up to $600)

When you sign up you just have to type in NAB25 into the promotion code box. I think you get an entry into a new player $1000 free roll as well

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