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Nancy asks…

Where can I buy a quality poker table in the UK?

I would like a quality luxury poker table for my basement. It will be a permanent installation. I would like a sturdy build quality. I have searched on the internet but all I seem to find are flimsy looking tables with folding legs etc., which are suspiciously cheap. I am after a casino style one perhaps with a foot rail etc, perhaps real leather bumpers. Any suggestions?
This is the sort of thing, but this one is only available in the USA:

admin answers:

1, Ask the manager at your local casino where he was supplied. He may not want to tell you as he would prefer that you played at the casino. So, have a look at the manufacturers name address maybe stamped somewhere on the table.

2, Challenge/commission a local woodworker to make a quality table. A colleague of mine asked a group of handicapped people who worked at a carpentry workshop to make a table ( a 12 seater conference table). The result was outstanding, breathtaking in fact, as well as being very cheap. The association was a non-profitable charity one, so my colleague gave a donation. It’s a longshot but worth a try.

3, As the previous answerer said, search online.

Good luck.

Joseph asks…

What kind of poker games are hosted at the Turning Stone Casino?

I am highly interested in playing poker and I want to go to the Turning Stone in Upstate NY. If somebody went there, can you please tell me the format of the poker that is played there? Is there a tournament, and what is the buy-in. Or is it just tables?
Thank you so much!

admin answers:

Y not just call and ask 4 yourself heres there # 800 386 5366 or a direct hot line is 315 361 8676 every thing is subject to change so call ahead to see what is available i know when i went there was a few different tourneys going on some for cash and some were sattalites to bigger events there nite tourney is at 7 pm and in the morning sometimes 10 11 12 starts in am its a nice place where r u from been to atlantic city or connectiut a lot of action in both just got back myself and kicked a $ $ good luck to you

Jenny asks…

Where can I find a personal poker trainer in CT?

My hubby needs help planning a bachelor party for his best friend, and one of the ideas I had is hiring a personal poker trainer to either come in, or all of the guys go to – and have a night of learning poker and playing – Problem is, we have no idea where to find a personal poker trainer – anyone out there have an answer? Thanks so much!

admin answers:

Not to rain on your parade or anything but I’ve been to a poker class and it isn’t exactly…exciting…in any way. One option would be to go to a casino and have them reserve a special table for you. I’m not sure if all casinos do it, but I would imagine that a great deal of them would. They even provide instruction and a dealer just for your private party. This link will give you an idea of what a casino in your area might offer: Foxwoods is the largest casino in your state: Call them and ask them if they offer private games like the Commerce does. They also have golf and a bunch of other things to do as well. If your husband and his buddies are dead set on a private lesson on a private property another option would be to call a casino in you area, like Foxwoods, and ask them the name(s) or phone number(s) of their poker instructor(s). Just about every casino has one. Sorry if this didn’t help any.

Sandra asks…

What is that compartment on a poker table for that the dealer puts the cards into?

On shows like Poker After Dark, the table has a compartment that looks like it can hold two decks of cards. What is that for or what does it do?

admin answers:

That is an automatic shuffler – most are made by a company called ShuffleMaster. You are right, they usually hold 2 decks of cards because that way while one hand is being played, the other deck is being shuffled and will be ready to go when the current hand is over. It saves a lot of shuffling time between hands so it is a big favorite with poker players. Shufflemaster claims that its machine can take a brand new deck of cards and get a complete shuffle within 10 seconds or so. Dealers usually „riffle“ the cards together (like a quick shuffle) before they are put in the machine, but that is really to just look like you are adding a safety measure to the machine – there is no need. Plus, if the cards do not shuffle correctly, the machine realizes this and a red light comes on to signal „incomplete shuffle“. Great device.

Richard asks…

What is the probability that a poker hand of 5 cards contain exactly 1 ace?

What is the probability that a poker hand of 5 cards contain exactly 1 ace?

admin answers:

Using combinations: (4 C 1)*(48 C 4) / (52 C 5) = 29.95%
Using permutations: (5 C 1) * (4 P 1)*(48 P 4) / (52 P 5) = 29.95%

Whenever you use fractions with these, or multiply downward like (52*51*50..) you’re dealing with permutations. When using permutations you always have to multiply by the number of possible arrangements. The ace can be any of the 5 cards so the multiplier is 5C1=5. The only time you don’t need a multiplier is when using strictly combinations.

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