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George asks…

What are the basic rules of poker for a novice player?

admin answers:

Any basic rule

Maria asks…

Poker rules of thumb?

What are some rules of thumb, like actual tips that work or even supertitions that might be true like if you’ve been winning alot then you’re likely to lose after unless your sit out or join a new table.

Here’s one that I came up with from playing online poker but I don’t know if it’s true… If you hit the board (that is have a pair on the board or better) then the guys sitting next to you is likely to have nothing but people across from you might have something.

Know anything like or maybe someone can tell me if mine work or not? XD

admin answers:

Hitting the board is no indications of others‘ hands, only an indication of yours.

There are many rules of thumb. Try this one though;

Continuation bet; if you raise preflop, you bet a half or full size pot bet on the flop regardless of what comes up, hit or miss.

Lisa asks…

hi people can anyone tell me if this poker rules exist as i couldn’t find anything about this rule.?

The rule is
In a poker Tournament

Person 1 goes all in and he has AA in his hand
Person 2 call person 1 all in an he has KK in his hand.

After showing all the five cards person 1 know he won this round but he decided to fold and let person 2 to win.

Can person 1 do that in a tournament game

admin answers:

Once someone has gone all in, it’s way too late to fold.
No live game, or tournament would let a player renig on their bet. Even if the player is being nice, the precedent is unacceptable. At a home game you make the rules, but a legit game doesn’t let people change their bets retroactively.

Now if P1 didn’t go all in but bet so much, say 10,000, that the P2 was forced all in to continue in the hand…things could be a little different. After the river card, there is another round of betting for those who aren’t all in. At that point P1 does technically have a right to fold, but no logical human would. (Unless of course there’s a P3 who throws all in at this point)

Daniel asks…

Home poker rules…to have each player be responsible for their own best hand or not?

So lets say „Player1“ is up for dealing and explains a poker game and the rules of gameplay. (e.g. Omaha Hi-Lo, Baseball, 7 card stud, etc) Player1 deals the cards and after betting Player1 doesn’t have a winning hand; Player2 and Player3 agree that Player2 beat Player3’s hand. Player2 is about to take his chips and at this instant Player1 realizes Player3 has a better hand afterall. what is done here?

a) Does Player1 speak up who really won before Player2 takes the chips?
b) Does Player2 take the chips afterall?

admin answers:

The Dealer is in charge of the table-PERIOD. Especially if that dealer has called the type of game for that hand. No one should be upset, or take offense to being told they don’t actually have the best hand, as rules are rules. They may not like it, but that’s the way it goes.
Dealers are in charge of directing the action of the players, the pot, and any side pots and if they see the winning hand it is their responsibility to point it out.

Charles asks…

what are the basic rules of poker?

im playing red dead and cant win any poker games…can anyone help ahh!

admin answers:

All about poker:

Betting Poker

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