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Richard asks…

How to play for cash at

i have downloded pokerstars progrem, but i dont know how do i play for cash?

admin answers:

Try going to instead

Lizzie asks… client – How do I join freeroll Hold e’m games?

I cant seem to find the freeroll (the free to play) poker games – should I be looking under the holdem tab or elsewhere?

admin answers:

It’s under the tournament tab, then freeroll. You could also just set the filter to only buyins of min $0 max $0. Good luck.

Michael asks…

On, how to I get more chips/play money after I run out?

On, how to I get more chips/play money after I run out?

admin answers:

Just wait. It will make you wait a certain amount of time if you lose your play money too fast. Then it will add more to your account

Chris asks…

how do you upload a picture on

I just joined pokerstars and I can’t figure out how to upload a picture so that when I’m at the table they see my picture instead of just a circle.

admin answers:

From the lobby click account and upload image. If I’m not mistaken, you can only change the image once.

Nancy asks…

How do I put a picture on


admin answers:

Jordan: How, or WHY, in the world did you wind up posting this inane question in a forum that discusses TV consumer electronics? Your chances of finding anyone here that would know and/or care are remote, at best!
You might try posting this on the „General-Computers & Internet“ or „Games & Recreation – Video & Online Games“ forums. Maybe you’ll hit it lucky.

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