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Michael asks…

Is there any good poker tournament managing software for free?

I am in charge of planning a poker tournament for my campus, and I was wondering if anyone knows of software I can project with a blind timer and chip value section. It’s a Texas hold ‚em tournament if that helps. Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

How many people will it be? I actually also organize tournaments at my place but its usually not more than 10. But if that helps he use very simple rules and repeating how its being played online. Each round 20 min then the blinds increase. Start at 10/20 with the blinds. I guess that if you have more than 10 you need to think in a way to rebalance once more than 1 player is out of a table. You can always google it 🙂

Good luck with your poker sessions and if you need a site that sponsor your poker campus nights go to!

Helen asks…

What are some good online poker books to purchase?

I have been playing online poker for a while now with the micro level. I am ready to move up but before I do I want to read some books based only on online booker. I have just purchased two of them one is killer poker room and the other Doyle’s online poker book. Are these even worth reading and any others you make recommend. Any input on online poker books worth reading are great.

admin answers:

Those books are garbage, and not even worth your time.

Your best bet is to go to 2p2 and buy books from there.Though once you start moving up and still only play by the book you will be exploitable by anyone who halfway pays attention.

Daniel asks…

How much can playing online Poker help you in terms of playing Poker in real life?

Since Poker is part strategy and part reading the other players how much can you expect to improve in real life Poker(face to face) if you practice via online Poker?

admin answers:

Understanding what cards are good cards, and how often your going to hit a good hand with draws, and how to play your cards in each position, and observing people’s betting patterns, and what you should or shouldn’t bet to maximize your pot winnings, are 99% of poker, whether online or face-to-face. Actually reading people’s expressions is only a small 1% of that. One person’s nervous twitch when he has an ace-high flush could be another person’s nervous twitch when he’s bluffing the board with a 6-high

Richard asks…

What are the best poker books to ready if you want to become a better player?

There are tons of poker books out there and it would be diffficult to read all of them, so what’s a good list of them that I could read? I’m a rookie player so starting off with like begginger books and such and going through the toughest books.

admin answers:

The best book for a newer player is the Dynamic Point Count Strategy, it can help you play a strong game while you learn the game and develop your skills. Using a point count system can keep you in with the better hands, get you out when you should fold, and help you avoid being bluffed out of hands.

Here is a link;

Good luck at the tables!

George asks…

Im looking for daily poker tournaments in Connecticut. How can i find out if there are any?

I will be in Conn in a couple weeks and want to try to play some poker. Is there anyway to find tournaments?

admin answers:

Below is the March daily tournament schedule for Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun, Connecticut’s 2 casinos.

If you won’t be there until April, the daily tournaments are mostly the same. Go to the 2nd set of links and look for the „Daily Tournament Schedule“ from each website when it gets closer to April.

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