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Helen asks…

why is the card game of poker considered a sport?

It is always in the sports news in the paper and on tv sports news

admin answers:

Because it requires quick thinking and strategy. Monopoly would be considered a sport too it they televised it, or if anyone cared who won.

Mark asks…

Is Poker Player Greg Raymer Really Running for Vice President?

I saw a post in the news section of and when he was interviewed, he says he is running for Vice President of the United States.

admin answers:

There was talk about the Libertarian Party asking in his interest about being on their ticket.
Rumor mostly.

And to the morons who think that Raymer replacing ANY mainstream candidate on the Dem ticket would get more votes should probably not vote for President.

Ken asks…

Green Card through marriage interview – pending for additional file review: Good or Bad News“?

We had everything ready and our marriage is absolutely legitimate and sincere, all information was there. However, I didn’t receive a Green Card stamp after the interview. Instead I receive a note saying that additional file review and/or research is required prior to issuing a decision in our case. I would be advised by mail within 90-180 days of the final decision.
The officer didn’t reveal if there was anything missing or wrong or if it was good or bad news – total poker face. Is this a normal procedure and what can we reasonably expect to hear?

admin answers:

There’s no really way of telling if you were approved or not.They don’t stamp passports anymore after the interview even if told that they passed.All you can do is wait until their verification is done.Hopefully, you will receive your Welcome Notice soon and later on your green card.

Michael asks…

What are your thoughts on Prison Poker Cards?

I was reading online today about how Flordia has now started handing out decks of cards with cold cases on them in hopes that immates will be able to help them solve them…what do you think? Do you think it will work why or why not? Below is the yahoo news site for it…

admin answers:

I think its a great idea!

Mandy asks…

Peter Eastgate wins £5.8million as youngest World Series of Poker winner?

this news is hot that

Peter Eastgate wins £5.8million as youngest World Series of Poker winner
Peter Eastgate, a 22-year-old from Denmark, has become the youngest player to win the main event at the World Series of Poker, collecting more than £5.8 million.

i have question that :—————–
my queries:-

1.what is this Poker?
2. How he won so huge amount of money?
3. Can any person play this from anywhere in the world and win some good amount of money?

admin answers:

Poker tournaments now are mostly Texas Holdem.
There are tournaments in Europe and most other countries around the world.
The prize is based on entry fees, and promotional money made by the organizers.
Each entry puts up $10,000 U.S.
Anyone can put up the entry and play.
You can play on line there are lots of sites that play for money.
Most tournaments have prizes of several thousand dollars, but not nearly as much as the World Championship.
To explain the game each person is dealt two cards face down, eventually there are 5 cards dealt face up in the middle that everyone can use to make the best 5 card hand.
Betting takes place before and after the community cards are dealt.
You can buy books explaining how to play.

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