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Michael asks…

how to join tourney?

What are the requirements in able to join the tournament in
Please give the full details. Thanks

admin answers:

You must be 18 first of all. Live in a country where it is legal. Then download the client and run it. Select make new account or sign up for new account. Fill all the info in verify email or address. Depends if you want a real money account or not. Then doulbe tap your PokerStars icon and selt tourneys in the lobby find you a tourney and join. Toggle cash and play chips button if your are not depositing and you can play play money tourneys. Which people sell play chips too go figure. GLGL

Lisa asks…

How do you put an image in the circle of your ICON on

admin answers:

Keep in mind that once you do this, you can only change it ONCE EVER. So if you get bored you can change it, but after that you can never change it again.

Sandy asks…

How do u get a display pic for an account on

admin answers:

Click „Select/Change Image“ from the „Account“ drop-down menu at the top of the PokerStars Lobby screen. Follow the instructions.

After you select a photo, it will allow you to crop, zoom, re-size, etc. And will automatically provide you a preview of what it will look like in the circular frame. Very, very easy!

Ken asks…

In , how do you upload a picture for your character?

When I play , I can see a photo of other players. How do I do that?

admin answers:

Click on one of the tab options on the top of the lobby and you will see where it says you can change your email address as well as the option to change your avatar/image.

John asks…

how do you get more money on

i can’t play anymore because i don’t have enough money. i can’t figure it out how to get more money. if anyone plays on that site, please help. thanks

admin answers:

Why dont you switch to other websites??? I have played online on
and have earned lots of money. Check it out, i think you will like it.


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