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Robert asks…

Where is the best place to find information on online poker?

I am just starting to play. I am looking for poker books, free bonuses for signing up, poker tips and anything that may be of interest to playing poker.

admin answers:

I have been playing online poker since 2001. I have spent a lot of time looking for information about online poker. My favourite site so far (see below) has a lot of tips about playing online poker. They have several articles I would recommend reading relating to online poker tells. They have a bonus code page for new players to get free cash. You just have to use the bonus codes they display (these are from the poker rooms themselves).

Take a look at the free entry into the million dollar tournament. This is a must. I hope this helps.

Lizzie asks…

When playing poker do you change your style when you are playing against a woman?

Do you take female poker players seriously online and at live games? I ask that question because a woman just won the European Poker Tour at Dortmund. While watching the final table I noticed the guys try to gang up on her. For example when she would make a decent raise someone would always try to push her all-in.

admin answers:

I take all opponets seriously unless i have reason to beleive they are a serious fish. So does my play change? No absolutley not, the game is meant to be played equally rather playing vs a woman, a 90 year old person, or a 4 year old at a home game. Ok well home games are a little different but not much. They may have been ganging up on her because they felt she was weak well i guess she proved them wrong.

Thomas asks…

What do poker players think about when they are facing a big decison?

Like on tv (wsop, hsp, poker after dark etc) poker players take a lot of time to think. What are they thinking about?

admin answers:

Like professional chess players, professional poker players are able to reconstruct a hand in their mind, and replay it a bit at a time.

So when faced with a difficult decision they will start by thinking about what the opponent did in every single betting round that has gone before. What was their body language? What two cards are they likely to have to follow that betting pattern? What is their stack size relative to other players? How many players are still in the hand? If the player has a made hand, what are the odds that the opponent will outdraw (like trips versus a flush draw)? How much money does the player have to put in the pot, versus the odds of making their hand? What are the odds they have the best hand? What are the implied odds of making a call here? What are the implications of raising here? Is it mathematically correct to call, raise or fold here? How do the implied odds affect the math? Is the prize structure of the tournament such that it’s worth gambling here (for example Poker After Dark is a winner takes all structure)? What does the player know about the tendencies of the opponent (often they will have studied their opponents playing on TV)? What is the table image of each player involved in the hand? Is someone on tilt? Is someone playing differently knowing the hand is being televised? What is the texture of the board?

There’s probably a lot more I’ve missed. But there are dozens of things to consider and make educated guesses on. The better the professional the more he has to think about. The more money is at stake, the more it would behoove a person to spend some time thinking. One wrong move can often be very costly, and also be professionally embarrassing if it is shown on TV.

Nancy asks…

How to play private poker tournament on the internet?

We have a group of people that want to play PRIVATE poker tournament (no-limit texas hold-em) on the internet without money involved. We have prices and other stuff but that would go from hand to hand because we all know each other.

Is there FREE program (or a poker site) that can do the tournament without money involved. If poker site, then it has to be possible to register without having a credit card.

admin answers:

I am an affiliate for full tilt poker. I can set up a private tournament for you and your friends. If you want just e-mail me at and I will see what I can do. You don’t need to make any deposits or give out any credit card information. All I ask in return is those who do not already have a poker account sign up through me so I might receive credit.

Here is the information I will need.

Time (please use ET or specify which time zone your using)
Game type

Please give me as many details as possible so I can make it to your liking, and give me about a week to get it all set up and send you your password.

Carol asks…

What is the difference between poker and bridge?

I was wondering because in the musical Footloose, a bunch of Christians are playing bridge and are offended when a character assumes they’re a playing poker.

admin answers:

Poker is a gambling game, frowned upon by the church. Bridge is a point based game and therefore acceptable.

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