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Michael asks…

How do I delete my account?

admin answers:

You can’t delete your account. Most sites do not provide a way to delete historical records. They need to remain there for data integrity purposes.

Instead, you can email them and request that your account be deactivated. You can email their support team at

Jenny asks…

Is playing on Free onlinepoker sites illegal in the US? Like

I know .coms sites are just wondering if .net sites are also? Because no money is exchanged. I don’t think so but just wondering.

admin answers:

All online poker is legal as long as you are not paying money. If you are paying money then it gets complicated. Since you are only asking about free sites though, I’ll assume you don’t want to gamble money. Here’s the law you need – paraphrased parts are in [ ]’s.

[definition of „wager or bet“]…(E) [does not include] (viii) „participation in any game or contest in which participants do not stake or risk anything of value other than (I) personal efforts of the participants…(II) points or credits that the sponsor of the contest or game provides the contestant free of charge“

Maria asks…

Is for pay?

I asked someone how you play poker for money online and they said

I’ve been playing on it. It doesn’t look like it’s requiring me to invest any money. So far i’m doing it for free, but is it combined with a pay-for-play site? Does any part of the site involve you winning or gambling with actual money? The instructions are confusing.

admin answers:

When you download the pokerstars software from you can only play the „play“ money games. If you download the pokerstars software from you can play both „play“ money games and if you deposit real money you can play those games as well. It’s mainly so they can market their product in the US with commercials without getting in legal troubles.

George asks…

Get a display pic for

Hi, how come I do not get the option to choose an image for my account? Have searched their website and I can’t find any advice.

admin answers:

Login, and select ‚Account‘ from the menu.

The option to add an image is the second option down.

Note that once you select an image you can only change it once EVER! So choose wisely.

Good luck!

PS You should really play on They offer play money exactly the same as .net. But if you play on the .net site you will appear with a star on top of your icon to the .com players. This will tell others that you are not a real money player, and they will consider you a fish.

James asks…

On, how long do the tournaments last?

Would it take to long to play a tournament? what is the average length of tournaments

admin answers:

It all depends on the size of the field and the blind structure. You can’t really just throw out a number for an average here, there are way to many tournaments going at Poker Stars and if you ever want to play for real money make sure to download the .com version, not the .net.

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