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Lisa asks…

Anyone run poker games and rake the pot?

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR LEGAL/MORAL ANSWERS. Just wondering if anyone runs a poker game that rakes from the pot. If so, what percentage of the pot? How much are you making each month?

admin answers:

Usually I’ve seen people take 10%, sometimes 5%-never more than 10%. But taking a rake each hand can be a little slow when it’s a home game without professional dealers because some body has to count the pot at the end and take out the 10%. It’s also difficult if you’ve got more than one table running-you’ve got to have a partner at each table who you trust to take the rake. To get around this, I’ve seen others charge a set amount to each player per 1/2 hour or hour-that’s easier and less time consuming than counting each pot and taking a rake from each pot. How much you can make depends on a number of variables. Obviously, the higher the stakes, the higher the rake, the more people/tables you have running the more you can make, the more games you’re hosting a month, and the longer each game runs the more you’ll make too. Potentially, very lucrative, but also has its dangers-but since you specifically don’t want legal/moral answers, I’ll leave that alone.

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Betty asks…

What are some fun poker games?

I’m hosting a penny ante poker party. No one attending is a serious poker player. I’d like to introduce them to some of the really fun games, like screw your neighbor, hi/lo, wild cards, etc. Is there a list anywhere of fun poker games beyond the usual draw/stud/hold em?

admin answers:

Omaha and 7-card stud hi/lo. There’s always razz (lowball), but even online, it takes forever and a day so make sure you have ample time to play.

Robert asks…

Is Poker Games Involves No Buy-ins Legal in California?

I am planing a social event for a non-profit organization, and we want to do a Poker Tournament with Texas Hold ‚Em (dealer is rotated by everyone).

I am charging each person a $15 entry-fee to cover the foods, chairs and tables rental, and prizes I am giving out. Even for the people who do not wish to play poker but just to social will pay this fee.

We are planning to play three rounds of Texas Hold ‚Em, and there is NO buy-in for any round of the game. Each player will be given the same amount of chips before each round starts, and the winners can accumulate points and receieve non-cash prizes no greater than value $200. Other small prizes will also be given out to non-winners randomly.

We are holding this event at a friend’s garage, so we are capping the maximum participant at 40. We are NOT looking to generate net income but only to break-even.

So, do we need to go through California gambling registration or make it a charity event to make this event legal?

admin answers:

Poker is legal everywhere in California. As long as the host will not have any monetary gain from the game it is legal.
You can go play poker for money right in front of a police station and it is legal as long as the person organizing the game does not profit from the people playing( except the winnings from the game)

Jenny asks…

How do people break even with Rakeback playing low hand games – Poker?

When playing online poker, how is it that people can break even or make a small profit playing small games? Is there a strategy?

Playing the 0.01/0.02 or 0.05/0.10 etc..

admin answers:

Having discipline in small stakes poker games is an important quality to have, along with having a high rake back offer it is possible to get an offer of 50% rake back or more which is a very nice incentive to play the low stakes poker games.

Linda asks…

How many types of poker games are there?

I’ve always loved poker and I’ve never learned how to play though. I really would like to learn how to, could someone teach me?

admin answers:

There are many types of poker games , Like some of the popular and mostly played poker games are:-

Texas Hold ‘em
Omaha Hi
Seven Card Stud
5-card stud
Triple Draw
Crazy Pineapple

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