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Michael asks…

Can anyone explain to me the rules of Blackjack and Poker?

I don’t know how to play either and I really want to learn to play them both.
waht sites do I visit?

admin answers:

Well.. Blackjack the aim of the game is to get the total value of your cards to be as close to 21 as possible. Cards 2-10 are valued by the number, ie a 2 is worth 2. Aces can be 1 or 11 you choose, and jacks, queens and kings are all worth 10. Before you are dealt any cards you have to make a minimum bet and then you are dealt 2 cards and the dealer is dealt 2 too, you can then stick with what you have got, say ‚twist‘ meaning you get a card without betting but this card remains on the table and everyone else can see it, say ‚hit‘ where you have to add to your minimum bet (you have to put in at least the same amount as the minimum bet or more) and you get this card to keep in your hand so no one else can see it. When you are happy with your total you say stick, you can hit or twist as many times are you want. If you go over the value of 21 then you are declared bust and the dealer wins your bet. The dealer does the same, but without the betting. If you have a greater total than the dealer then the dealer with give you your bet back plus the same amount from his chips. (The amount the dealer gives back can vary from casino to casino). There are special hands like 5 card trick, where if you manage to have 5 cards and you don’t go over the total then you will win even if the dealer has more than the value of your 5 cards.

Poker is much more complicated, there are many varations. I prefer texas hold em but the rules would take me forever to write. So heres a website that explains the rules:

Hope i covered everything :S. Feel free to ask more questions.


Paul asks…

What are the rules of texas hold em poker?

I really want to learn to play it?

admin answers:

The rules of poker are cards are dealt the forced bets must be paid, which are called the big blind and the little blind. The little blind is sometimes called the small blind as well. A bet is when money is put into the pot for the first time in a round. The amounts of the bets and blinds are predetermined, and the little blind is always half the big blind. The little blind position is always the seat to the left of the dealer, and the big blind is the seat to the left of the little blind. Then the dealer deals the cards you are given 2 cards these are usualy known as pocket cards therer is then a round where the players that were not in the small or big blind posistion pay there blinds to stay in the hand when the blinds have all been payed the dealer burns 1 card which means he puts it to one side face down no one sees this next the dealer deals 3 cards in the middle these are known as the flop there is another round of betting after the betting the dealer burns another card and deals the 4th card which he buts in the middle this is known as the comunity cards ther is another round of betting the dealer burns a card and deals the 5th card known as the dreaded river then there is the last round of betting who ever has the best hand wins the pot these are the hand rankings

you have to use the 2 cards you were dealt at the beginning and 3 cards from the 5 that where dealt in the middle ok now for hand rankings

first there is high card where if no one has hit a pair the player that has the highest card wins

2.a pair is self explanatory

3. Two pair which is self explanatory

4 three of a kind for example 3 kings would give you three of a kind

5.Straight (Run) – Five cards of sequential rank. Note that in holdem, Aces can be high or low.

6.Flush – Five cards of the same suit.

7.Full House (Full Boat, Boat) – Three-of-a-kind and a pair for example 333kk would give you a full house

8.4 of a kind is self exsplanatory

9.Straight Flush – A straight of entirely one suit.

10. Last but not least the hardest hand to get some players go their whole life without ever getting 1 Royal Flush – An Ace-High straight of one suit. For example 10,J,Q,K,A all the same suit would give you a royal

Richard asks…

Tell me the rules of the poker game?

Hi friends I didn’t know the rules and regulation of the poker game so pls tell me the rules how to play the game…..

admin answers:

All poker games begin with some forced wager over which poker players compete. In Seven Card Stud, there are two forced wagers, an ante and a bring-in. In Texas Hold’em and Omaha, the forced wagers are a small blind and a big blind. In any basic poker game, players strategically wager using a number of actions available to them. When the last bet or raise on the final betting round is called, the „showdown“ occurs. This is when it is determined who wins the pot, as players show their hands one-by-one. It may be the case that there is no showdown.

Nancy asks…

Are there any rules about leaving a casino poker table?

Can I just get up and leave after winning a couple of big hands, or do I have to announce that I’ll be leaving in 10 minutes or after the next 3 hands?

admin answers:

You can leave whenever you want. You do not have to announce it. All you have to do is grab a chip rack, gather your chips and go.

Helen asks…

i am just looking at rules for poker and do know whether?

Basic rules as I am just learning so this is a stupid question but you get dealt 5 cards each, do you pick a card up and dispose of one and go around like that?

admin answers:

Five card draw was the poker players game of choice before Texas Holdem took the poker world by storm. The idea is to make the best five card hand after one draw or substitution of cards that the player wants to discard. To view the rankings of poker hands, visit our hand rankings page at

Being a draw game it is played with blinds, with the player immediately to the left of the dealer posting the small blind, and the player next left posting the big blind. Each hand starts with players being dealt five hole cards. The first player to act, sitting on the left of the big blind, has the option of folding, calling or raising. This applies to each player in turn in a clockwise direction around the table until all players have acted.

With this first round of betting complete, there then follows a draw. Each player selects from his hand the cards he wishes to discard (if any) by clicking on them. You can change your mind by clicking on the card a second time.

As in the first betting round, this continues in a clockwise direction around the table. When the action reaches you, simply press the button to confirm you wish to discard the cards you have selected.

After all players remaining in the hand have completed their draws there is another round of betting, starting with the first player to the left of the button who has not folded their hand.

After the second betting round has been completed, the winner of the pot is determined in two ways: the player left after everyone else folds; or the player with the best hand. If more than one player has the same valued winning hand the pot is split equally between them with the suit of each hand having no bearing.

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