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James asks…

How do you create a custom pokerstars background?

I dont want to make a wallpaper, I want to make a custom table and background like this

admin answers:

Each download on the page you provided has step by step instructions.

But here is the help page on Poker Stars web site.

David asks…

How Can I Play on Pokerstars?

I want to play on pokerstars but the person who owned this laptop before me had an account. Evidently, you can only have one account per computer. Is there a way that I can still join and play on my pc? I don’t have access to anyother computer that doesn’t already have pokerstars.

admin answers:

Email them at, explain that you just got this computer from someone else and ask to open a new account. They will help you out.

Jenny asks…

How can i add a picture for pokerstars?

i know you have to go to the pokerstars lobby then account and then select/change image but it does not let me.. i seee it but i cannot click it for some reason, please help!

admin answers:

Have you already changed your picture before? You are only allowed to change your picture once. Email pokerstars for these kinds of questions, their customer service is great.

Donna asks…

I just have a normal Visa, how do I deposit money to pokerstars?

Pokerstars rejects my visa because apparently it isnt approved for use on gaming sites. How do other people solve this problem?

admin answers:

You can use Western Union or go out and buy a prepaid Visa Card. The only prepaid card that I’ve tried that works is All Access brand, there’s a directory of retailers on their site at

You can also try an instant eCheck. You might find additional helpful information about depositing to poker sites from the states as well as a Poker Stars bonus code at and

Susan asks…

For those of us who played on PokerStars just for fun with play money what happens to us?

For alot of us who played poker on PokerStars just for fun with play money, what happens to us??? Do we have to pay for the bigwigs mistakes also?

admin answers:

$1.3 million in play money bankroll…Gone!

Can I at least write it off on my taxes?

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